Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Actions Speak Louder (members of Until The End/Keepsake)

Just wanted to pass on the info that Jesse (Until The End/Keepsake/Shakers) has a new band called Actions Speak Louder based out of Tampa. You can find all the info regarding the band on their Myspace as well as link to download their full length for free. They will be appearing at Significant Fest along with Until The End this weekend in Tampa. Check it out.

Keepsake "Final 2 Songs" Unreleased

Keepsake was one the bands doing the emo-core screamo thing in the late 90s and began to attract a pretty big following. They released a full length on Eulogy Recordings and began to tour nonstop. Their sound shifted after their first record on Eulogy and the band went more towards a pop sound with less screaming. While I was in Tampa for a show a few weeks ago, Jesse (drums) told me he had a few songs that they recorded before they broke up and I gotta say they really are damn good. I was never a big fan but these songs make me want to revist their old catalog. Its a shame that the band never released these songs but now you can hear the direction the band was going towards.

Keepsake - Final 2 Songs, Unreleased