Friday, May 30, 2008

On Our Own

City: Miami/Ft. Lauderdale
Years Active: 2001 - 2006
Type of Music: Hardcore
Myspace or Website:

From an email written by the band:

On Our Own started out in late 2001 as an attempt to bring some real hardcore into the South Florida scene, which had died out at the time in favor of metalcore bands. We spent a couple of years going through lineup changes and refining our sound before finally releasing our first proper demo in 2003. The demo was released just in time for our first tour, a seat-of-our-pants affair in a rented minivan that included dates in PA, NJ, TX, and the west coast. On the momentum of that tour and the demo, we signed with Perfect Victim records and released Now And Forever in 2004. The release of this album led to a couple more tours, including a coast-to-coast trek with Kids Like Us and Down To Nothing. The following year, we went back into the studio to record four tracks for a split on True Destiny Records with Under One Flag and Your Mistake. That release was followed by a lengthy tour with Die Young and Let It Die. We broke up shortly after that tour and played our last show on February 26th, 2006.

It could easily be said that dysfunction was On Our Own's middle name. We never had a steady lineup but we always managed to pull it together and handle our business when we needed to. Our shows occasionally stirred violence in the crowd, which eventually led to us being banned from playing shows in Naples. Another staple of On Our Own's live show was Carlos The Jackal's on-stage banter. This usually resulted in taunting and berating the crowd, referring to them as "fucking degenerates," among other things. While the kids usually ate it up as shtick, they never seemed to realize that he was 100% serious.

We were never South Florida's most popular band, but we played music by kids who loved hardcore and for kids who loved hardcore. We didn't necessarily play whatever style of hardcore was trendy at the time and we definitely didn't rely on clever merch and other stupid gimmicks to get people's attention. We put in work and stood by every fucking word we said, which is more than can be said for a lot of other bands. Members of the band have since gone on to play in Know The Score, American Gladiator, Time Ends, Our Battle, and Protagonist.

On Our Own - 2003 Demo + a live set at the Factory

On Our Own - Now And Forever

On Our Own - their tracks from the 3 way split

On Our Own - Live at WMUC 7 - 27 -05

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Dead Links

Okay so Ive been informed that some of the links posted are not working. Im working to fix the problem right now but if you come across a link that does not work, please leave a comment so I can fix it.

Edit: Apparently its Mediafire thats giving me a problem. Im going to be switching to Megaupload til they rectify things on their end.

Organized Pain

City: Ft. Lauderdale
Years Active: 1993 - 1994
Type of Music: Hardcore
Myspace or Website: n/a

What's so significant about Organized Pain? John Wylie and Louie Long of Morning Again played in it. Its definitely different than Morning Again or Culture but its still great and worth the listen. I never got to see them but they played fairly often with U.S. Decline and Sloth.
It's also worth noting that US DECLINE, the band OP played with a bit, was Damien Moyal's first band ever (he later went on to As Friends Rust, Morning Again, Shai Hulud, xCulturex and Bird of Ill Omen).

When OP dissolved, Joel (the singer) and Damien started a 2-singer hardcore band called Reach, which featured half of the recently disbanded OP (including Louie) and half of Damien's just-broken-up band Insist.
Organized Pain - Demo

The Crumbs - I Fell In Love With An Alien Girl

City: Miami
Years Active: 1992 - Present
Type of Music: Punk
Myspace or Website:

I just want to make it clear that I will do a full Crumbs post but this was a special request.

Taken from the Crumbs Myspace page:

In the beginning I had known Emil since the days of downtown skateboarding and from the crazy hardcore shows at the Cameo Theatre during the late 80s. When those venues shut down, so did many of the bands that played there: Circle Jerks, Gangreen, Bad Brains, Government Issue, straightedge, skinheads, and the whole crossover thing. That entire scene was gone when we entered the 90s. For us, however, it was the beginning of a new era. There were no more twenty dollar punk shows. In a way it was a blessing, because if we wanted to do anything, it was up to us. When we did our first demo back in 92, the rocknroll scene in South Florida was beginning to take on a real cool vibe. I had started to play guitar when I met Johnny. That same year, I met Chuck Loose, with his raggedy old drum set. I handed Emil a one-string bass that I had, and shortly after, Johnny joined us for what was to be the Crumbs. We rehearsed anywhere we could find an electrical outlet. Even at a stripmall at midnight, before the dumbfounded security guard chased us out. Once Chuck set up Garageland, the Crumbs started practicing there and later became like, the house band there, playing every weekend to a packed house of kids who didnt have anywhere else to drink and hellraise. Those were our first shows, and along with other locals (Against all Authority, Beltones), we had now the coolest and raunchiest of rocknroll scenes away from the sleazy promoters and trendy venues. Then it was time to leave home. Setting up national tours was a head splitting adventure. We must have played every little shithole in the U.S. Some hard luck on the road set us back but we met some worthy people along the way. And in no time we had our first record Alien Girl released in 1993 with Recess of L.A. And Shortly after a few more with Far Out, Lookout, Recess, TKO, and Insubordination. It is more than sixteen years later now (2008) and the release of 'Dade County Trash' with Insubordination in 2008 made me realize how fast time goes by. Not to forget memorable tours with FYP, the Queers, Swingin Utters, Donnas, and our very patient roadies Dan Destructo and Armando. The line up hasnt been this strong in years. With the crafty Tono on bass now, Grim with the relentless beat, and Johnnys buzz-saw guitar, weve been able to keep active and remain doing what we like to do most:! seriously, getting on stage and letting loose. -Raf Classic-

The Crumbs - I Fell In Love With An Alien Girl

Sunday, May 25, 2008

In search of the following

In my continued search to stay on top of my game, I am constantly (and I am 100% serious) searching for more music to add to the blog. Being that I am not in South Florida currently its somewhat difficult to acquire more music so here's a list of some bands that have been requested and that I do not currently have. If anyone has anything from them, please get in touch. I've also spoken to some of the members of some of the bands posted and I want to thank them for being so cool with me posting their music. While some of the members may not realize it, they were very instrumental in shaping the South Florida scene and for that I thank them.

The Poopy Pants
Dan's Army
Donut Run
Chocolate Grasshopper
The Believers
Dead Patriot
Icthus (sp)
Night of Broken Glass
Going Nowhere
Foolproof (demo)
The Lab Rats
Pin Kai
There's more but this just off the top of my head. I have some great stuff lined up this week so expect a new post Monday or Tuesday. Also very big thanks to Roy and Mark Clap for helping me track down some of this music.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Jive Step Bunch/King 7 And The Soulsonics Split 7 Inch

City: Ft. Lauderdale
Years Active: 1995 - 1999
Type of Music: Ska
Myspace or Website:

Taken from the King 7 myspace:

King 7 and the Soulsonics were a Ska band based in Ft. Lauderdale Florida from 1995 - 1999. The band was formed by a mish-mash group of disgruntled punks, indie rockers,skins, rudies, and band camp geeks. We managed to establish a pretty good following throughout Florida and the South East, touring the east coast twice and playing long weekends in the Florida-Georgia area constantly. We even managed to get ourselves banned from Georgia's coolest venue- the Velvet Elvis.

We often shared local shows with our Florida-ska friends Magadog, the Coldspot 8, Pork Pie Tribe, the Strangeways The Usuals, and the Double Agents. We sometimes got to play shows with our friends from Florida's finest indie bands like the Belltones, AAA, Gus, The Vacant Andy's, the Shakers, the Starts, Shai Halud, Tension, The Agency and A New Found Glory. We were often asked play bigger shows while touring throughout the southeast with the likes of The Skatalites, The Selecter, Yellowman, Slackers, The Specials, Stubborn All Stars, The Toasters, the Scofflaws, The Pilfers, Skavoovie, Los Fabulous Cadillacs, Venice Shoreline Chris Murray, and many many other great groups. We played the fucking SLAMMIES!!! - we may have even won a slammie, but I never actually saw it (Tim probably smashed it).

We played some of floriduh's finest venues including the Edge, the Cameo Theater, The State Theater, Sapphire Supper Club, Covered Dish, Hardback Cafe, Respectable Street Cafe's, Tavern 213, Cheers, Button South, etc....we played our fair share of warehouse shows too. We released a 7"inch single (Rudeboy Invasion) and appeared on a bunch of complilations including Moon SKa's Skarmegeddon 3. They put us on the cover of the Miami New times...The Skatalite's Lloyd Brevett even blew up Tim's Bass Amp! what an honor! Clint O'Neil gave us props on the air!! and Prince Buster showed up at the Button (Ok, he was probably there to see the Selector)......Our best recordings were done throughout 1998 with Jeremey DuBois at Tapeworm Studios in N. Miami beach - unfortunately these 12 songs were never actually released and they really were our best work...They do exist though - I have the masters and I intend to use them! Check out the 4 songs here.

By the end of our run we were touring florida as the backing band for King Django in the winter of 1998-1999, we broke it up almost immediately after that short tour. We had a bunch of different members in those 3 years and we always had a great time. The Florida Ska Scene was always good to us. Some of us still play music with other bands. Thanx.

Jive Step Bunch - "Skinhead Girl"

King 7 and the Soulsonics - "Rudeboy Invasion"


City: Pompano Beach
Years Active: 1994 - 1998 (roughly)
Type of Music: Emo-core
Myspace or Website: n/a

I'd love to write a long thing about Roosevelt...but to be honest I dont know much about them. I can't remember if I ever saw them or not but I do love their recordings. They do the Midwest Emo-core Split Lip sound and they did it real well. They released a demo as Platform (Im 99.9% sure they turned into Roosevelt, correct me if Im wrong), changed their name to Roosevelt and released a split with Culture and a 7 inch on Boxcar Records. members of Roosevelt went on to Culture and As Friends Rust. If anyone has anymore info, please pass it on so I can add it. Thanks

Roosevelt - Self Titled 7 Inch

Roosevelt's track from their split with Culture

Platform - Demo

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Red Roses For A Blue Lady

City: Gainesville
Years Active: 1998 - 2001
Type Of Music: Metal Hardcore
Myspace or Website:

Okay so like I said a few posts down, I wanted to post a few non-South Florida records. Why? Because they are damn good and I think some other people should hear them as well. Red Roses is one of those bands that blew up real quick, mainly because of their live show which was absolute mayhem. I remember the guitar player Brian played a Jackson guitar and I swear to god he had the headstock filed down and was trying to stab the crowd with it. Ill admit Im not a fan of the full length they did but this 7 inch rips so hard. The version of "Musical Chairs" on this release just destroys. Great band that kids still go nuts over...Im sure if there were a reunion, kids would fly for it.

Red Roses For a Blue Lady - Self Titled 7 Inch

You can still order their only full length "The Return To Melancholy" from Eulogy here:

A friend of mine needs your help

My friend Micah is a professor at Florida State University and is currently writing his thesis for his Masters degree. The topic is the underground music scene in Florida from 1994 to 2001 and he needs some help. If anyone has flyers, stories, pictures, anything from that era he would greatly appreciate it. You can get in touch with him at
Expect another update sometime today

Monday, May 19, 2008

Against All Authority

City: Miami
Years Active: 1992 - Present
Type of Music: Punk/Ska
Myspace or Website:

I saw Against All Authority quite a few times between 1995-97 and to be honest I was never into them. Maybe it was me trying to be into hardcore and nothing else, I really don't know. But I do know that while I was home visiting my parents, I listened to these old songs and man was I blown away. Why did I neglect this for so long? AAA is easily one of the best punk bands to ever come out of South Florida. They have released several full lengths and toured the country numerous times. To the best of my knowledge, these tracks are all out of print. If someone knows otherwise, please let me know. Also, I only have the tracks from AAA posted, not the tracks from the other side of the splits. Anyway, enjoy these early songs by one of Miami's best.

Against All Authority - Anti-Flag Split

Against All Authority - Less Than Jake Split

Against All Authority - The Pist Split

You can order most of AAA full lengths here:

You can order their live EP, "Live At the Fireside Bowl" here:

Friday, May 16, 2008


City: Pompano Beach
Years Active: 1992-1993
Type of Music: Hardcore
Myspace or Website: n/a

This is a big one. Ive had alot of people ask me about this and here it is (special thanks to Mark Clap) finally. Endure featured members that would go on to start Strongarm and Tension. If you are a fan of Strongarm you may recognize the song "Together" which is a hidden track at the end of "The Advent of a Miracle". Well now you can hear the original version in all its glory. As far as I know, this is the only thing the band recorded before disbanding and starting their next bands. Its a shame that more people hadnt heard this because it really is a great demo. It was released on First Street Records which also released the first Tension 7 inch (Im pretty sure Mike, the singer, ran the label). Anyway, check it out and continue to check back.

Endure - 1993 Demo

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Welcome to Florida...Now Get The Fuck Out, Asshole...

City: Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, Orlando
Years Active: n/a
Type Of Music: Punk
Myspace or Website: n/a

For my first post in a month, I wanted to post something that would really get your attention. This was a great 7 inch comp that was a split release between Far Out Records from Ft. Lauderdale and Stiff Pole Records from St. Pete (I think). Far Out Records had some of the biggest punk and ska bands in South Florida at the time on their roster so this comp was destined for greatness. On the Far Out side you had Against All Authority (AAA) and The Crumbs. On the Stiff Pole side you had the Pink Lincolns and the Gotohells. What a great comp which features the AAA classic "Walking Revolution". This comp is long out of print and Far Out and Stiff Pole have gone the way of the dinosaurs but thankfully their legacy and contribution to the music scene will not be forgotten. Each track is separated for individual download. Good to be back guys.

The Crumbs - "What Do They Know"

Against All Authority - "Walking Revolution"

The Pink Lincolns - "Sleeping Song"

The Gotohells - "Beach Drive"

Monday, May 12, 2008

Delays are not good!

Hello faithful,
Its been about 3 weeks since Ive posted any updates and for this I apologize. I went back to Miami for 2 weeks and came back just the other day so expect a real update this week. I just wanted to let you know on occasion I will be posting records from other regions of Florida, not just South Florida as I have some stuff that I just really want to post. I was able to get my hands on some pretty cool stuff while I was home so Im hoping that everyone digs it. Again if you have anything to contribute please let me know so I can get it posted.

Some tidbits:
- Know the Score is going to be playing As One Fest
- Dance Floor Justice recorded a Battery cover for a tribute record
- Dead Weight is still dormant but Chad is on tour with Shai Hulud
- Hardship is one of the better new bands in South Florida