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Thick As Blood

City: Miami
Years Active: 2004 - Present
Type of Music: Hardcore
Mypace or Website:

From the Thick As Blood myspace page:

"Formed in May 2004, THICK AS BLOOD began as seven members forging ahead with a new band that will continue the tradition of South Florida hardcore. Harrowing vocals coupled with pummeling breakdowns will leave the listener longing for more. Their convictions infused with influences from today's heavy hitters such as HATEBREED, THROWDOWN, and SWORN ENEMY will make sure they are a staple in today's hardcore scene.

In 2007, the seven piece released their debut full length for Eulogy Recordings. Their posterity not only holds new material and extensive tour dates across the U.S., but a drive and will to push towards the top. One thing is certain, the future is bright for THICK AS BLOOD."

The band is currently in the studio tracking their 2nd full length to be released on Eulogy Recordings

You can order Thick As Blood's full length "Moment of Truth" as well as merch here:

Thick As Blood - 2005 Demo

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Wishing You A Very Happy Holiday Season

While this is not the post for the regular Thursday post, I just wanted to wish a very happy and safe holiday season to you and your loved ones. As this year is drawing to a close, I'm looking back on the past year and what this site has become and it just blows my mind. I appreciate all the help I've received in my continuous quest to document this amazing scene many of us have grown up with or those who are just discovering it. I'm on my way to Christmas dinner with the family so ill have a post later tonight when I get back. Again have a safe and happy holiday

Monday, December 22, 2008


City: Hialeah
Years Active: 1992-1994
Type of Music: Hardcore
Myspace or Website:

Mindframe is the band that became Brethren. I never got to see them except for a reunion show but this demo still holds up some 15-16 years later. Great recording by the way especially at the time. Also this recording features the late Alex DelBueno (RIP) as well as Flaco (JG) and Julian from Brethren. Great heavy hardcore in the vein of Madball. You can almost hear the cry of Hialeah in the background.
Members went on to and were in DNME, Straight Youth, and Brethren.

Mindframe - Time Out Of Mind

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Glasseater - Miles Ahead...Bonus Tracks

To read the full review of Glasseater click the link:

Glasseater chose to re-release their first record "Miles Ahead of Where We Left Off" with Dead Droid Records and put 2 additional tracks on this release. The first song "Weekend Sellout" was re-recorded for the self titled record that was released on Fearless and the second "Words To Make Up" was released on "7 Years Bad Luck" with a different recording. This record has been out of print for the last 4-5 years and this is only release that Jason sang "Weekend Sellout" on.

Glasseater - Miles Ahead Of Where We Left Off, bonus tracks

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Attn: Faithful Followers of the South Florida Blog

Do you have someone you want to see interviewed? Do you have questions you want asked? This is where I need your help. If you are interested in doing an email interview with someone who was involved in the South Florida Music Scene get in touch with me. I will email the person and see if everything is cool but please email me and let me know if you are interested. Thanks

Monday, December 15, 2008

Early Morning Again interview from early 1996

I am currently back in Miami and was looking some old zines (the ones that hadn't accidentally been thrown away, long story). I came across an issue of S-854 that had interviews with Morning Again as well as Ed Matus' Struggle and Swivel Stick. So far Ive only scanned the Morning Again but I will get the others scanned as well and posted. For now, here is an interview with John and Damien right after the formation of Morning Again.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Interview with Andy Malchiodi (ex-Caught Inside)

Ive been friends with Andy for about 12 years. While I dont see him as often as I used to I still consider him a very dear friend and I was happy that he took the time to do the interview for us.

  • First off introduce yourself and what bands you have been in.

My name is Andy Malchiodi. Aka Andy Treehorn. I’ve pretty much only been in 3 bands. The first band I was ever in was called Forehead. That pretty much morphed into Caught Inside. And I was in a band for a while in California called Forget the Jones.

  • When did you first start attending shows?

My first “show” was Primus and the Melvins at the edge in Ft. Lauderdale in 1993. Prior to that, I had seen Guns n’Roses at what was then Joe Robbie stadium. I saw Metallica the following year at the Miami arena. I started going to shows regularly in 1994.

  • What bands were you into when you started going to shows?

I got introduced to a lot of bands via surf videos. Bad Religion, Black Flag, NOFX, Pennywise. At the same time, my cousin was introducing me to Inside Out, Rage Against the machine, Youth of Today, and Sick of it All. So from the get go, I was exposed to different sub-genres of punk, and I’ve always felt fortunate in that sense. I enjoy all of it, and from there I just connected the dots, taking in everything from gorilla biscuits to operation ivy.

  • What do you feel your biggest accomplishment was as far as the South Florida scene goes?

That’s a good question. I suppose it would be just helping to inspire our peers and making a valuable contribution to punk rock in south florida at the time. It’s hard to say that we “did this” or “did that.” I think anything we’re responsible for is a lot more intangible. Our drummer Shane told me of a story a few years ago when someone recognized him and said that Caught Inside had changed his life. That’s pretty amazing to me. If there are others out there who would say we even had an impact on their lives, I’d be proud of that. That’s a pretty big accomplishment.

  • Can you remember anything specific that made South Florida different from other music scenes?

The diversity. I feel very fortunate to have grown up in such a mulit-cultural, ethnically diverse city. That was definitely reflected in our scenes. Beyond that, it wasn’t unusual to see hardcore kids at a ska show, or punk kids at a subliminal criminal show, etc. I don’t know that its real common to see those things in a lot of places.

  • Can you tell us a story or something memorable that you remember from your time attending shows in South Florida?

I booked a show for the ataris at Fantasy land in cutler ridge. The booking agent looked at or something and thought that fantasy land was some kind of day care facility. He called me all freaked out, thinking I was booking the ataris at an after school center. I said, “oh no, don’t worry, it’s a big warehouse in cutler ridge.” As it was coming out of my mouth, I realized it didn’t sound all that much better, haha. Anyway, this was long after cheers had closed and most of the all-ages shows had been taking place outside of Miami proper. I gave this rousing speech during our set about why I booked the show at this particular spot, which was in deeeep south Miami. I got a little carried away and said something to the effect of “the south will rise again!” It was very well received, but I laughed to myself wondering how that might be misinterpreted.

  • How old were you when Caught Inside started?

16, almost half a lifetime ago, haha.

  • You guys did a record on Evil Ash right?

Yep, our second 7-inch, “Siegel for President” came out on Evil Ash Records, which was operated by my cousin, Manny Malchiodi.

  • I liked that you guys would always did hardcore covers. I remember at a house party you covering Gorilla Biscuits and Twisted Sister. Was the crowd pretty diverse when you would play or was it mainly punk kids?

We strived for diversity, but I think more than anything, it was just our friends, hahaha.

  • Eventually you guys signed to Drive Thru Records and then broke up. What happened?

This question could be an interview unto itself. Long story short, we spent a month recording the album, they didn’t like it, they weren’t gonna put it out. There was talk of them helping to shop it to other labels, but that never happened. We were essentially dropped from the label, so we tried shopping the completed album around ourselves. The response was really positive, but no one wanted to do business with drive thru. Drive thru had earned themselves a shady, untrustworthy reputation, and no one wanted to touch them with a 10 foot pole. We were without a guitar player (again), living 4 hours apart, and in a lot of debt. Some of us had a lot of personal stuff to deal with and some of us wanted to finish school if we weren’t gonna be on tour full time, which had previously been the plan. The whole ordeal really took the wind out of our sails, and it was tough finding any motivation to continue. The three of us decided it was best to let it go at that point.

  • It’s a bum out because the material you guys did for them I felt was your strongest.

Many, including myself, would agree. This made it all the more frustrating. We were signed to the label based on old material. We write and record new, better material, and its like “ehh, we’re not really into it.”

  • At what point did you move out to California?

I moved to California in October of 2001. Caught Inside had broken up and I had graduated from college at the same time in December of 2000. So it was time to move on out.

  • Are you currently working on musical projects?

Not really. I tried to start a new band early in the summer, but I found I just didn’t have the time it would have taken to get it off the ground. I play my acoustic guitar a lot if that counts. I play lagwagon songs for friends I have out here. They have no idea what I’m talking about.

  • Tell me about Drunky The Bear

Drunky the Bear is a character conceived by a friend of mine, TC. In the beginning, I kind of assumed the marketing of drunky the bear. We shot funny sketches and we eventually made 2 pornos revolving around drunky the bear. It’s not as weird as it sounds, but almost. Only the first one got released. All of the second one, minus the sex, made its way into my DVD “Counterparts,” which is collection of stunts, pranks, short films, etc. In the meantime, TC, as drunky the bear, found a slot on the “monsters in the morning” radio show in Orlando. He’s been doing that for years now and is doing really well. You can order “counterparts” at

  • Thanks so much Andy for the interview. Any shout outs or last words?

Props to everyone who keep things alive in south florida. Can’t end the interview without shouting out to our partners in crime, Foolprool and Milkshed. And don’t worry Chip, I have plenty of straight edge friends in California….they’re called recovering alcoholics, hahaha. Thanks for the interview!

Pink Lincolns

City: Tampa
Years Active: 1986 - Present
Type Of Music: Punk
Myspace or Website:

From the Punk Lincolns Website:

Formed in the streets of Tampa, Florida during the mid-eighties, the Pink Lincolns crawled their way up through the punk world. With four studio albums, a multitude of singles and compilation work under their belt, their sound is built on a combination of technical ability, spit-in-your-face sincerity, and good 'ol fashioned punk rock angst. The snotty growl of vocalist Chris Barrows layered over Dorsey Martin's masterful guitar work and a hard-hitting rhythm section makes for a great high-energy listening experience. The Pink Lincolns' live shows are an exemplary event of sneering and sarcastic wit paired with wailing guitars and driving beats. With new studio and live albums looming on the horizon, the Pink Lincolns are again ready to bring their special blend of punk and mayhem to the masses."

You can still order many of the Pink Lincolns releases here:

as well as here:

You can also check out the Pink Lincolns track from the "Welcome To Florida..." compilation here:

Pink Lincolns - Pure Swank

Pink Lincolns - Sumo Fumes I

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Tension Reunion Show 2009

Attn: Whomever commented on Cowpuncher

Please email me about Cowpuncher and Donut Run. You didnt leave an email address. I need these things!!!! Please email me at

The South Florida Music Scene Blog wins Best Local Music Blog

The South Florida Music Scene Blog won BEST BLOG FOR LONGTIME LOCAL MUSIC FANS from CityLink Magazine. A huge thanks to them for even recognizing what Im doing let alone choosing me as the winner. It makes me happy to know that people are really happy with what Im doing.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Toetag / Shattered Realm Split CD out tomorrow!!!!

City: West Palm Beach
Years Active: 2008 - Present
Type of Music: Hardcore
Myspace or Website:

Just a heads up that John Wylie's new band, Toetag, is releasing a split CD with New Jersey's Shattered Realm and is set to be released tomorrow (December 9th). A quick bit about the band courtesy of Eulogy Recordings:

"Toetag formed in April 2008 by Eulogy owner and former member of Until The End and Morning Again, John Wylie. Toetag plays straight forward hardcore that will appeal to fans of many different genres. Toetag also includes ex members of Glasseater and Remembering Never."

Their CD release show is this Saturday at Mr. Gs in West Palm Beach. Check the flyer above for info.

They will be playing on December 27th. Heres the info:

Thick As Blood
Trust No One
FATE (Five Across The Eyes)
Toe Tag
Knock Em Dead

2 pm
$10 billz

13754 sw 88th St.
Miami, FL

You can order the CD here:

Never In Red - A Neatly Scrawled Note

City: Miami
Years Active: 2002 - 2006 (???)
Type of Music: Post-hardcore
Myspace or Website:

I should be getting a bio from the band sometime in the near future so that will be updated when I do. Heres the first EP from Never In Red

Never In Red - A Neatly Scrawled Note

Dragbody - Inheritance of Detriment

City: Orlando
Years Active: 1995 - 2002
Type Of Music: Hardcore/Metal
Myspace or Website:

I was contacted by the band yesterday who gave me their permission to post their record "Inheritance Of Detriment" which is a collection of 7 inches. The record is in print but the band has never received royalties from the label so they told me to post it for everyone to enjoy. Also check out the post I did previously to hear their other material. Thanks guys for the support

From the Dragbody Myspace:

dragbody rocked it loud and crazy style from 1995 - 2002. we released three 7" records (all of which were later combined into one cd - an inheritance of detriment), one split 7" record (with burial ground), one split 12" record (with crucible), and one full length cd (flip the kill switch). obviously, there are no more dragbody shows and no more new dragbody records as we are no longer a band. however, i believe our old records are still available. please get in touch if you have trouble locating a copy of the the record you desire. please look for shows and records by scott white and mike rosen's new band, railsplitter ( and tom's new band, cardinale ( also, pick up a copy of twilight songs by venusian skyline because scott poyer plays drums on it. thanks for reading this.

Dragbody - Inheritance of Detriment

Previous Dragbody post:

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Flame Still Burns

City: Naples
Years Active: 2001 - 2003
Type of Music: Hardcore
Myspace or Website:

From the Thinkfast Records website:

"Flame Still Burns was formed in late 2001, in a Florida scene that didn't typically accept the fast, youth crew style hardcore that fueled them. The band practiced and wrote songs one morning, then headed to the studio that night to record their appropriately titled "Edge" demo. Soon after, with a similar writing and recording style, they went back into the studio and recorded songs for a split 7" with California's Diehard Youth for Think Fast!. Up until the band's break up in 2003, they played with bands such as Where Fear And Weapons Meet, Outbreak, Kill Your Idols, In Control, The First Step, and Far From Breaking."

Members went on to or were previously in: Make or Break, Esteem, Team Effort, No Harm Done

Flame Still Burns - Edge 2001 Demo

The "Banned" Strongarm Disc

This is the original release of Strongarm's "The Advent of a Miracle" which has since been pulled because of the depiction of a breast on the ring of the disc. The CD was later re-released with the Endure cover of "Together" as its own individual track.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Until The End - The Unreleased Track featuring The Metal Wolf

Id like to preface this story, courtesy of Dan Mazin, by saying it is 100% true and in no way fabricated. This is the last unreleased Until The End song...

" It was a wet, dank night in Fort Lauderdale-typical. Until The End was
at the famed Studio 13 with Jeremy Staska recording our swan song,
"The Blind Leading the Lost." The recording process was difficult.
Technical problems on our end, a singer with a busted throat, and the
rotten weather combined to put us all on edge. We were listening to
some rough vocal mixes in the booth when we heard the first door slam
open. We all sat at attention...then came the sound of the main door
flying open. In the doorway was the most disgusting, insane, and
sexually exuberant man I have ever laid eyes on.

The Wolf.

The Metal Fucking Wolf.

We were all instantly taken aback by the smell of marijuana, fried
chicken, and fresh sex. For as much as we were repelled, all of us
were immediately drawn to him-his aura was firing on all cylinders.
Behind him, 2 women of questionable moral character stumbled in. One
screamed for a "bump" while the other began licking the couch. The
Wolf threw himself on the now-wet spot and threw his legs akimbo.
While the 2 ladies "attended to his junk," The Wolf addressed us.

"Turn the fucking mic on faggots."

We all shuttered ourselves in the control room to try to figure out
what to do. Wylie had gone home so his Ninja skills were of no use to
us. Staska had to take his 'medicine' and was incapacitated for the
moment. (Besides, he's a lover not a fighter). James was text
messaging someone, hopefully the police, likely some broad. Chip was
curled in the corner in a puddle of his own urine. We hadn't even told
him about The Wolf yet, he just did this every night. That left me,
Dan, to take over the recording.

"OK Wolf, take one." I turned to ProTools and fired it up. "That's all
I need pussy, start the shit up, sit the fuck down and let a real man
get to work," he told me as he unbuttoned his shirt and zipped his
fly. I don't know where it came from but he then began to rub baby oil
all over his chest and belly-"...for later," he said. I threw up in my
mouth a little.

What followed was 3 minutes of the most vile, horrid, and raw vocals I
have ever heard. It was cacophonous. It was beautiful.

What you will soon hear was all done in one take. He even did his own
gang and back-up vocals. It was fucking insane. I have never been the
same since.

When he finished, he collected his women and threw each of them over a
shoulder so that their faces were directly in front of his now-exposed
ass cheeks. "Start eating" was the last thing I heard him say and he
stumbled out of the studio. I heard his motorcycle roar as he started
it up. I went outside to see which direction he went. I needed to
understand the feelings that had been drummed up inside of me. The
Wolf was still standing there. "I farted-go back inside and call me a
cab you fucking queer."

So I did.

I haven't seen or heard from The Wolf since. Some say he died, some
say he went to prison. Others say he lives under the bridge at Andrews
Ave. All are likely, but I know better. In bedrooms across America
where teenage boys sing along to Ratt, Poison, and Slaughter-the
spirit of The Wolf lives.

Si se puede!"

Until The End - The Metal Wolf