Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Attn: Whomever commented on Cowpuncher

Please email me about Cowpuncher and Donut Run. You didnt leave an email address. I need these things!!!! Please email me at Bestwisheshc@yahoo.com


Anonymous said...

hey mate sorry for the long delay, i almost died. i was in the hospital for weeks, i caught the flu and nuemonia at the same frickin time and it almost friggin killed me. i'm better now though, send me your address and i will mail you the stuff we talked about before with cowpuncher and donut run and some other surprises including the lost recordings of bingo mut as well thanks mate oisoldier76@yahoo.com

veganboyjosh said...

hey, did the Donut Run stuff ever show up?

i've been hoping to find something from them since 1996.

would LOOOOVEEE to hear it.


Dan Heisel said...

I used to play drums in Donut Run/Pivot around '96-'97. I just uploaded an old show from the Old School House in Vero. Have a look.

Part 1

Part 2

I wish that I could give more history on the band, but I joined after the original drummer left.