Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Insist (Damien Moyal from Culture) Practice Demo

Not a lot of information on this one, but Damien sent it to me and said it was a practice demo from his 2nd band. This is back from 1992.

Insist - Practice Demo

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Further Seems Forever reuniting with Chris Carrabba

According to Alternative Press, Further Seems Forever will be reuniting this Spring with Chris Carrabba on vocals. What will that entail? Who knows. I had heard rumors of a new record but that may just be rumors. For more info, check out the Alternative Press website. As soon as we know more, we'll post it. The band has also launched a Twitter account so follow them to stay up to date.

Further Seems Forever Reunites With Chris Carrabba

Monday, August 23, 2010


Miami's ASKULTURA!aka ASKU formed in late 2009. ASKU's present lineup stands on the shoulders of 7 friends & relatives who try to have a good time all the time and make music

ASKU has range...Reggae up ta Ska, Punk battles Hip Hop and mess wit that Patchanka sound comin outta the camp of Manu Chao. With song & words that tell stories, talk bout jail here in 305, free the soul to wander for 3 minutes, the aim is to build a sense of Togetherness during the set...something you can take home and just as you lay in bed goin to sleep you catch yourself muttering, "That was a freakin good time...."

When I first saw this band at Churchills I was pretty blown away , I've always had a passion for that tribal raggea/ska sound. I personally think this band has that Surf Roots feeling. Every single person in this band is very talented. It's not everyday you see a band that plays this style of music. I especially love that they have 2 singers, one of which being a women, really awesome! If you get a chance you should check this band out! So glad to see a band that has a great deal of talent and such a powerful vibe.

"Our friends & family & you girls & guys are what keeps this Thing going cuz without you we're just singing for ourselves..."-ANDREW of ASKULTURA!

Influences: Manu Chao, Specials, Sublime, Tu-Pac

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Morning Again Reunion, Confirmed!

I just got off the phone with John Wylie and he confirmed the Morning Again reunion. The show will take place at Churchill's Pub in Miami on Saturday, December 11 2010. More details will be released later this week but the following bands are scheduled to play:

Morning Again
Kids Like Us
All Hell Breaks Loose
Remembering Never
Knock Em Dead

The lineup for the band will be John and Steve on guitar, Jerry on bass, Kevin on vocals and Matt on drums. If you are interested in traveling down for the show, shoot me an email at and Ill try and get you some info on hotels that are relatively close. Again, this is 100% confirmed by John. If you have any further questions, leave a comment or shoot me an email and Ill do my best to field them until John releases more info. No word yet on whether or not the band is going to make merch for the show (crossing my fingers that they will) but check out the Eulogy Outlet store. They had a few shirts up but quickly sold out. There are still loads of boxes to go through so it's possible there are more so be patient. This is something I've been bugging John about for years and its finally happening. As soon as we have more info, it will be posted.

"Love Is Never Wrong...."

Monday, August 16, 2010




Unreleased Demo by Legendary Miami Hardcore band, ANGER. It was recorded prior to the classic Miami FL LP on SPV Records. This recording has their original Bassist Kelly Ross and it was recorded at ANGERS rehearsal spot on Hialeah Drive. Many other Miami bands practiced here as well as, Out of Spite, Brethren and Mindframe. I believe this demo was recorded on an 8 Track by Guitarist Dennis Munos(SOLSTICE) ANGER'S first show was at CHURCHILLS and I believe it was in 1992. Soon after starting to play some shows they played at Washington Square. I personally think this demo has a really raw sound. They always had that Carnivore-Agnostic Front Cross over sound. To me, ANGER brought a really violent style of Hardcore to South Florida.



Thursday, July 29, 2010


This Demo was the first thing that they ever released (2004). DNME had members of Out of Spite, Brethren, Mindframe and the drummer Alex Del Bueno played in NY's District 9. This band was made up of a group of friends that shared the love of playing hardcore music, and this is how the band came together. DNME started around 1999/2000 and played their first show at the VANS Warped Tour in 2001. Members of this band consisted of Harold (Guitar/Vocals), Sapo (Guitar/Vocals) Alex (Drums) and Julian (Bass). Other former members of this band were Edwin Marquez, Javier, and Eric who lived in Miami at the time and played for H2O, Joe Shed and Bundy. DNME was a band that set themselves apart from other bands, mixing different styles of music. In certain songs Harold and Sapo used to take turns singing and playing Guitar. This Demo has 3 extra Live tracks that were recorded at Churchills and are not on the Original Demo. 2 of them are Covers by Dos Minutos and CRO MAGS.


Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Glasseater Reunion/Final Show in Miami, July 31

La Vieja Guardia (L.V.G) S/T

La Vieja Guardia (L.V.G)

L.V.G recently broke up but luckily they released a Self Titled CD on I SCREAM Records. L.V.G was a 90's style hardcore band with a Spanish lyrical point of view of the Miami Cuban. Members of Burning Strong, DNME, MEHKAGO N.T. and SPEAK. They had that 90's "revival" sound but kept it pretty original. I personally think they were one of the best Miami Hardcore bands... Not only does my hair stick up every time I listen to them but seeing them live truly brought me back in time. This band was full of energy and nothing but heart.

This is the only release by this band… Wish I could have heard more.

L.V.G self titled album




Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Charlie Pickett and The Eggs - Tuned Up And Howlin' Charlie Wants His Money Back!!!

Today I bring you a very early South Florida release from Charlie Pickett & The Eggs (1983 I believe). Our dear friend, George Van Orsdel, sent this to me some time ago and I'm finally getting it posted. This is way before my time so if you have info regarding the band, please let me know and Ill update it accordingly. Charlie has been a regular fixture in South Florida for many years both with the Eggs and the MC3 and from what I understand, he is now a lawyer. You can check up on his current musical endeavors here: Charlie Pickett on Myspace.

Charlie Pickett & The Eggs - Tuned Up And Howlin' Charlie Wants His Money Back!!!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Vessil Clothing: My Newest Endeavor

As if I didn't have enough on my plate with getting married, running Stuck in the Past and the South Florida blog, working and trying to get a new band off the ground, I along with my fiance, my cousin and my best friend have launched a clothing line called Vessil. This idea stemmed from our trip to Japan back in April when we saw numerous clothing lines and felt like we as a collective had something to bring to the table. We got to work and present to you 6 designs which will be our initial run.
Being the t shirt collector that I am and owning well over 800 band t shirts, some days I wake up and I just don't feel like wearing a band shirt. This helped shift the direction in which we are heading. I wanted something that was fun and simple but had nothing to do with music. My cousin, Erik Lopez aka Art Blur, has been a graphic designer for many years so having him do the design work has taken a huge weight off of our shoulders and given a new flavor to our idea.
Our initial launch will include 7 different designs and we will begin taking pre-orders shortly. For those days when you just feel like something different, try Vessil.

My friend needs any and all help (Please Read)

While this has nothing to do with hardcore it is South Florida related, please take the time to read this as a favor to me...
If you have anything in your paypal, anything will help. George is one of the DJ's who trained me and has been my friend for over 15 years...Im just trying to do what I can in the community that has always been there for me. We are having a benefit for him tonight at our skating rink in Miami (which I know many of you are nowhere near) but if you can donate anything, it would mean the world to me.

You can donate through Paypal by clicking the link below:

Donations for Boogieman George

Monday, July 19, 2010

Culture - The Unreleased LP and EP

This was originally posted on Stuck In The Past back in March of this year.

Growing up in South Florida, hardcore made a big shift in styles in the early 90s (this is before my time) heading in a much more metal direction. In my opinion, Strongarm was one band who helped shaped this new direction and Culture was the other. I really feel like Culture was a very important and influential band on the 90s hardcore band, especially in Europe. Many of the early releases on Goodlife Recordings were heavily influenced by both Culture and Morning Again. Culture in their band lifetime released a decent amount of records but, as most bands do, they recorded songs that never were released. I've been sitting on these recordings for a year and a half before having the go ahead to release them. I got them from John who allowed me to rip them from the tape and have Justin clean them up. He told me later that if Damien and Rich were okay with it, I could post them. So Justin cleaned them up, mastered them and did an overall great job making them sound great. He also made covers for them as there was no cover art originally. I want to specifiy that this is NOT the re-recorded Born Of You record (aka Mike Warden Can Suck It) that we posted some months back. This hasn't been heard by anyone outside the band since 1994. The LP was recorded in late 1994 or early 1995 right after Damien and John joined the band and features the now classic lineup of John and Rich on guitar, Damien on vocals, Gordon in bass and Josh on drums. Some of these songs were dropped and never re-recorded so this is your only chance to hear them. The second recording is an EP featuring alternate versions of Deforestation and Memento Mori as well as 2 songs that neither Rich nor Mark knew the titles to. This lineup featured John and Rich on guitar, Mark on vocals, Gordon on bass and Josh on drums.
Rich was nice enough to give us the Cliff's Notes to "Culture 101" which you can read below. Big thanks to Rich, John, and Damien for allowing this to be released

Ok. I am gonna just try and wing this with no mistakes. Ha. I'll keep it brief but not to short.
It was the middle of the night somewhere on I95 headed back from Richmond, VA when it hit me. I needed to start a band. Something new and uninfluenced by the sounds of the times. I think the year was probably 1994 or so. I'm not exactly sure. I had moved to Richmond, Va with a friend of mine at the time. I was lucky enough to get to play bass for Grip later know as Dayspring. It was my first real taste of band life. Getting in a van and driving from state to state. I was so hooked. I had never felt such freedom. I was headed back to South Florida. I knew I needed to find some serious dudes to get in this band with me. I didnt know what it was gonna sound like or anything. I just knew I needed some down mother fuckers to set it off. Mark Mitchell has been a friend mine before I left for Richmond. Some of you may know him from Red Roses For A Blue Lady and now he plays bass for Throwdown I think. I wanted him to sing. He had a drummer named Josh Williams. We got back and we wasted no time. We set up shop in Mark's garage and just started playing. We wrote a couple of songs. They sucked. Ha. One day we got together for a practice. I started this riff. Not sure where it came from. Everyone sort of looked at each other with this intense excitement. I played it again and again. Then we started to add to it. Before you knew it we had a song. That song later became Born Of You and Culture was born.
We wrote I think maybe four songs and it was our plan to go record with the now famous Jeremy Staska. Side note... I feel like bands such as Culture and Morning Again helped start what was a wave of hardcore bands to record with Jeremy. He was a solid dude no doubt. Anyways... we wrote some songs and I was just gonna play both guitar tracks and play bass. No big deal. Well Mark decided that he didn't want to pay to record. Needless to say he was out and I ended up singing, playing both guitar tracks and playing bass. To this day I still think the demo was the best thing Culture ever did. Not because I did almost everything on it but because it was the purest form of the band. No outside influence. Just two guys in a garage. So now came the task of finding another guitar player and a bass player. Josh knew a kid named Gordon Tarpley, a sweet surfer beach dude with sweet surfer beach dude dreads. He ended up playing bass. Now to this day I'm still not sure how we found John Wylie to play guitar. I'm not sure if he was a friend of a friend or if later on when we got Damien Moyal that he knew him. I just don't remember. Sorry John. Ha. So after a lot of fill ins and flakes the line up was myself, John Wylie, Damien Moyal, Gordon Tarpley and Josh Williams.
Its important to note that I am sure I am leaving out some details and sort of jumping around but we are talking almost 16 years ago so bear with me. I'm not trying to give you a date by date narrative of the band. Just some basic facts those who are interested may not know.
Okay so now we know the basic formation of the original core members of Culture. I'll never forget our first show. We opened for Sick Of It All and Strife somewhere in Coconut Grove (almost positive this show was at the Kitchen Club in the Grove-Chip). I was so F'n nervous but so ready. We had written I think like seven songs. We really had no idea what we were doing but it was the most fun I had ever had playing a show to this date. Yeah I've played tons of other shows since then but damn that shit was tight. After we played some more shows things started to take off for us. We put a full length out on Conquer The World Records, did a lot of weekend touring. I mean we had no idea how to book a tour or any of that so we just did weekend shows. I knew enough people that we got on some good shows. We were huge in Indianapolis and Chicago. Ha Ha Ha. We then recorded the Deforestation 7" for Catalyst. Somehow Mark got back in the band for a while. John left to start Morning Again. Damien started singing for them then wasn't anymore. He started to do As Friends Rust and Bird Of ill Omen. Well one weekend tour with Mark and we all but begged Damien to come back. We got Steve Looker to take Johns place on guitar.
This is getting exhausting.
So now comes the Goodlife Recordings era. Ha. We recorded a split release with a band called Kindred from Europe. Then we put out a mini cd called Heteronome (ask Damien what the hell that means). We ended up touring Europe and to me that really was the downfall of the band. We were fighting all the time. It didn't matter what it was about. It got to the point where it was no longer fun for me. I loved Europe but hated being there with them. We played so many amazing shows and met so many amazing people but I knew I was done. The band wanted me out to I think. I mean we were a pack of Chiefs with no Indians to rule so eventually one person was gonna be the focus. That was me. I also was a dick so I made it easy for them. When we got home I went to Ohio to visit. They kicked me out while I was gone. It hurt. I mean I was the last original member. Culture was my life for so long that I felt like I had nothing. Eventually that feeling went away and I moved on to other bands. Culture, in many forms, continued on for a bit longer. They re-released the original Conquer The World recording on Goodlife which was cool. All and all I have a lot of good memories. I learned a lot of things about music and the business side as well as things about myself personally. Culture was one of the most important Vegan Straight Edge bands ever. Hands down. We, along with a few others, created a sound that was copied all over the globe. People named bands after our songs. Clothing companies from our lyrics. We influenced a scene. That scene gave me life long memories. I am forever grateful. I miss playing with those guys. I miss the shitty smelly practice spaces. I miss the excitement of writing new songs with them. I want to thank John, Damien, Gordon, Josh, Mark, Jason Dooley, Steve Looker and everyone that ever helped or supported the band. It still means a lot.

The lineups for the recordings are as follows:

The demo was myself (Rich) and Josh Williams
Born Of You was myself (Rich), John, Damian, Gordon and Josh
Deforestation #1 was myself (Rich), John, Josh, Gordon and Mark
Deforestation #2 was myself (Rich), Steve, Josh, Gordon and Damien
Split with Kindred was myself (Rich), Steve, Josh, Gordon and Damian
Heteronome ep was myself (Rich), Steve, Jason Dooley, Gordon and Damien


Culture - The Unreleased LP (EDIT: one track was corrupt but has been fixed. Link works fine now)

Culture - Deforestation (Alternate Recording)

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Harbinger Tour Kickoff This Friday in West Palm Beach

West Palm Beach's Harbinger is kicking off their summer tour tomorrow in West Palm Beach. Come out and see them along with some of South Florida's finest.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

On Our Own (first shows in a few years) this Saturday

Axis features members of Meantime. Come out and support your local South Florida scene

Monday, July 12, 2010

Contributors Wanted

So in my attempt to resurrect the South Florida blog now that I'm back in Miami, I'm looking for contributors. This was once a very proud accomplishment and to be quite honest, its seen better days. Were you a part of the punk scene, metal scene, hardcore scene, no scene? Get in touch with me. Id like someone who is current on whats going on in South Florida as well as people my age (30's) or older to help out with the older material. Shoot me an email at and please put "South Florida Contributors" as the heading of the email. We can make this something special once again with your help.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Out Of Spite - The Unreleased Recordings

You guys probably forgot about me. Well Im back in Miami and Im going to try and keep up with this now that Im back. For my first post back, Harold from Out Of Spite sent me some unreleased recordings from the band. In case you missed my old post with the demo and the 7 inch, you can check it here.
I really don't have much info on the recording so Im going to ask Harold and see if he can give us some insight. Check back...I got some great stuff planned.

Out of Spite - Unreleased

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Timescape Zero Reunion May 21st

Adel hit me up to let me know that Timescape Zero is playing their last show ever at Churchills Pub on May 21st. When more info comes to me, Ill post it. Should be awesome.

Im going to try and start posting again...looks like I may be getting some more music which would be nice