Monday, August 23, 2010


Miami's ASKULTURA!aka ASKU formed in late 2009. ASKU's present lineup stands on the shoulders of 7 friends & relatives who try to have a good time all the time and make music

ASKU has range...Reggae up ta Ska, Punk battles Hip Hop and mess wit that Patchanka sound comin outta the camp of Manu Chao. With song & words that tell stories, talk bout jail here in 305, free the soul to wander for 3 minutes, the aim is to build a sense of Togetherness during the set...something you can take home and just as you lay in bed goin to sleep you catch yourself muttering, "That was a freakin good time...."

When I first saw this band at Churchills I was pretty blown away , I've always had a passion for that tribal raggea/ska sound. I personally think this band has that Surf Roots feeling. Every single person in this band is very talented. It's not everyday you see a band that plays this style of music. I especially love that they have 2 singers, one of which being a women, really awesome! If you get a chance you should check this band out! So glad to see a band that has a great deal of talent and such a powerful vibe.

"Our friends & family & you girls & guys are what keeps this Thing going cuz without you we're just singing for ourselves..."-ANDREW of ASKULTURA!

Influences: Manu Chao, Specials, Sublime, Tu-Pac


As said...

its 3 singers but whos counting anyways... :)

Thanks for the awesome write up Nicole!!

the nutty sd guy said...

it's seven siners. or is it eight??!! eight sinning singers. love my ASKU peeps

As said...

lol,. its 8 now cuz we got ourselves a trombone player! w000t

DYNAMA said...

check out dynama! local from the boca area, they have been tearing up the music scene for a few years now.

Addy said...

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Anonymous said...

anyone knows anywhere to dl for free?can't find it anywhere in mediafire or filetube...??