Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Morning Again Reunion, Confirmed!

I just got off the phone with John Wylie and he confirmed the Morning Again reunion. The show will take place at Churchill's Pub in Miami on Saturday, December 11 2010. More details will be released later this week but the following bands are scheduled to play:

Morning Again
Kids Like Us
All Hell Breaks Loose
Remembering Never
Knock Em Dead

The lineup for the band will be John and Steve on guitar, Jerry on bass, Kevin on vocals and Matt on drums. If you are interested in traveling down for the show, shoot me an email at and Ill try and get you some info on hotels that are relatively close. Again, this is 100% confirmed by John. If you have any further questions, leave a comment or shoot me an email and Ill do my best to field them until John releases more info. No word yet on whether or not the band is going to make merch for the show (crossing my fingers that they will) but check out the Eulogy Outlet store. They had a few shirts up but quickly sold out. There are still loads of boxes to go through so it's possible there are more so be patient. This is something I've been bugging John about for years and its finally happening. As soon as we have more info, it will be posted.

"Love Is Never Wrong...."


jhulud said...

Churchill's?!?! UGH...I've had my fair share of incidents there w/ the "locals"...HA!

mcas said...

Dammit, guys. You should do a follow-up show sometime closer to Xmas for all of us SoFla folks who moved away, so we can go when we are coming back to visit the fam. (ahem, I fly in on the 17th)...

DYNAMA said...

check out dynama! local from the boca area, they have been tearing up the music scene for a few years now.

tv vanavond said...

hey roc on the band party i like a band party...

Addy said...

That would be very cool and people had enjoyed it alot... cheers.. celtic wedding dresses

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