Wednesday, November 4, 2009


A very fine gentlement, Josh, sent me this record from Meatlocker. I wish I had more info to pass on but aside from the download, heres a video of them playing at the South Florida Slammies in 1992 at the Button South.

Meatlocker - Keep The Faith

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Anger - Miami, FL.

I posted this last year but was finally able to track down an actual copy of the CD so I scanned the layout and did a nice VBR rip of the record. This thing has been out of print for wayyyy too long so check it out here. The band is still active so go see them when they play.

Anger - Miami, FL.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

The Second Coming...

So its been a while...yeah I know and acknowledge that. Its been harder and harder to track down music and such since many people are not being as helpful as Id liked or hoped so Im doing what I can. I just added an old Churchills comp as well as the 2 7 inches from the Holy Terrors and a live set so check those out. Im going to make a more conscious effort to update this regularly again, though the content may not be as comprehensive as Im getting to bands I really dont know much about. As always, I encourage you to get in touch if you have anything to contribute be it music, zines, flyers, etc. I also added a box on the right that allows you to post a link for the blog on Facebook and Twitter so please help me spread the word. Thanks to everyone who has left comments recently...Ill keep writing if you'll keep reading.

Holy Terrors

Holy Terrors - 7 Inch (1990)

Holy Terrors - Cigaretello (1992)

Holy Terrors - Live Six (1992)

Churchills Hideaway - Music Generated By Geographical Confusion And Beer

The file was too big to upload to Mediafire so I split it into 2 files.

Churchills Hideaway - Music Generated By Geographical Confusion And Beer, Part 1

Churchills Hideaway - Music Generated By Geographical Confusion And Beer, Part 2

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Actions Speak Louder (members of Until The End/Keepsake)

Just wanted to pass on the info that Jesse (Until The End/Keepsake/Shakers) has a new band called Actions Speak Louder based out of Tampa. You can find all the info regarding the band on their Myspace as well as link to download their full length for free. They will be appearing at Significant Fest along with Until The End this weekend in Tampa. Check it out.

Keepsake "Final 2 Songs" Unreleased

Keepsake was one the bands doing the emo-core screamo thing in the late 90s and began to attract a pretty big following. They released a full length on Eulogy Recordings and began to tour nonstop. Their sound shifted after their first record on Eulogy and the band went more towards a pop sound with less screaming. While I was in Tampa for a show a few weeks ago, Jesse (drums) told me he had a few songs that they recorded before they broke up and I gotta say they really are damn good. I was never a big fan but these songs make me want to revist their old catalog. Its a shame that the band never released these songs but now you can hear the direction the band was going towards.

Keepsake - Final 2 Songs, Unreleased

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Hey everyone..Im still alive

Ive received emails from some of you and I appreciate the feedback. I am currently still in Japan and will be back on Sunday so I should have something to post then. While Im in Miami Im going to try and track down some more music and hopefully zines so I should have something to post soon. Again, thank you for the interest and I should have something soon

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

An update on updates

Alright so its been a while since Ive updated but I havent lost interest. Ive just been very busy with school and Im in the busiest part of the semester: the end. So Ive had paper upon paper upon chapter to read so as soon as I find the time I promise to get a post in.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Ed Matus' Struggle - Planes That Cast A Gloom

City: Ft. Lauderdale
Years Active: 1994 - 2002
Type Of Music: Rock
Myspace or Website:

This was a 12 inch single that was released on Space Cadet Records in 1996 I believe. 3 songs and a handmade cover.

Taken from the Ed Matus' Struggle Myspace:

Ed Matus' Struggle started with Juan Montoya on guitar, Carl Ferrari on bass, and Robert Lecusay on drums in early 1994. They recorded a self-titled debut on Space Cadette records shortly after adding Scott Nixon on vocals and guitar.

Carl left in 1997 to pursue other musical interests, including his band Swivel Stick. A cadre of bass players followed, and eventually they decided to stay a 3 piece with Scott moving to bass permanently in 2000. After recording a split 7" with Floor, Entomological Discoveries with Sound and Vibration, they recorded a four song EP entitled Planes That Cast a Gloom.

Shortly thereafter they released a song on the Emo Diaries Vol. 4 entitled Distance. Another song, Hovering, was released on the Eagle has Landed compilation for Tranquility Base. Steve Brooks joined on guitar in 2000 and the band took a turn towards a heavier style of music. Ed Matus' Struggle broke up while recording songs for another full-length in 2002. Several songs were completed (or nearly completed, e.g., Hialeah and Teen Beatdown), but have never been released.

Members were in and are now in Cavity, Floor, Swivel Stick, Machete, Subliminal Criminal, and Torche

Ed Matus's Struggle - Planes That Cast A Gloom

Friday, March 20, 2009

Fixed the Tension link

Apparently the link for Tension's "In Our Time" 7 inch was linked to a different record. That has been updated and can now be downloaded here:

Tension "In Our Time"

Thanks MeanxMike for pointing that out.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Dead Patriot

City: Pompano Beach
Type Of Music: Hardcore Punk
Years Active: 1997 - 1998
Myspace or Website: n/a

Dead Patriot featured Gabe who ran Ohev Records on vocals. The music is real fast with alternating high and low vocals. It took me a long time to find this so I was pretty excited. I dont know if they recorded anything else but this 7 inch is great

Dead Patriot - Self Titled

Monday, March 16, 2009


City: Hialeah
Type Of Music: Punk
Years Active: ???
Myspace or Website: n/a

Hello faithful. I apologize for the delay in updating but school has been hectic and I was down in Miami this past week. Today's update brings us 32forty. These guys really loved Jawbreaker and it shows on their releases. A great blend of clean sung vocals and pop guitar parts but still keeping that punk edge. Omar, the bass player, is going to write up a full bio for me but until then enjoy their EP and full length. The last track on the EP is them going around and talking to friends about the band in fast forward. Pretty funny stuff...they band also recorded a cover of the Jawbreakers' "Do You Still Hate Me", which Im waiting to get off the band. When I do, Ill post it.

32forty - Stories That Go Northwest

32forty - Hearts And Mirrors

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Brandon Holding Benefit Show, March 11 at GOO in Miami

In case you missed the post last month, Brandon Holding passed away last month after an 8 month battle with Leukemia. Next Wednesday, March 11, South Florida is coming together to honor his memory and raise money for his family. The show has a great lineup and is the first show for All Hell Breaks Loose in over a year. Also, A Jealousy Issue is playing for the first time in an incredibly long time so come out, help support, and be a united scene to honor the memory of Brandon Holding. Huge thanks to John Mchale and Adrian D for organizing this as well as the last memorial show.

My Mom Likes These Songs: A Compilation of Florida Ska, Punk, Hardcore, and Emo

Mr. Andrew Chadwick of Boxcar Records sent me a care package with a few of the records he has released. This is the first release on Boxcar Records which, at the time, was based out of Melbourne, Fl. Andrew said I could post this as a download even though he still sells it. He also said that if you like it and would be interested in purchasing a physical copy, you can order one for only $3 ppd if you mention the South Florida Music Scene blog ($6 ppd if you don't) when you paypal him. A very big thank you to him for allowing us to post this. Check out some of his other releases here: Boxcar Records on Myspace

You can paypal Andrew for a copy of the CD here:

My Mom Likes These Songs: A Compilation of Florida Ska, Punk, Hardcore, and Emo

1. Introduction
2. Against All Authority - Chelsea Baby
3. In Like Flynn - Go Away
4. The Spitvalves - Float
5. Denature - Reburn
6. Skif Dank - Paranoid
7. Slinky - Blind
8. Neurotic - Teenage Fuckup
9. Discount - Expected
10. Ethyl - Clouded
11. Greening - Against Their Will
12. Held - Overdue
13. The Holsteins - Nameless
14. The Leftovers - The Things We Do
15. Intermission with David Lee Beowulf
16. The Usuals - The Setup
17. Bobmshell - For Jane
18. Hot Water Music - Present
19. Less Than Jake - St. James Hotel
20. After All - Cherish
21. Shyster - College
22. My Pal Trigger - Where'd All The Good Guys Go?
23. Hobbledehoy - Quandry
24. Wolfdaddys - Galvanized
25. The Spitvalves - Skascraper
26. Powerdered Toast Man & The In Like Flynn Orchestra - I Love You!!!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


City: Miami
Type of Music: Punk
Years Active: 1997 - 2000
Myspace or Website: n/a

United82 played some great fast punk rock. They were around for about 4 years and played regularly. As far as I know this is everything the band recorded. Raf, the guitar player, sent this to me so Im assuming its complete. I had a scan of the demo cover but I cant for the life of me find it. Ill try to track it down. Members went on Kill Lejeune, Foolproof, and Polly Ester.

United82 - Discography

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Lou Ming Presents

So on a previous post I received a message from the man Lou Ming. Lou also runs a blog documenting Florida music scene and wanted to say hey and let me know about his. I couldnt believe that between the two of us, we had over 300 posts and not a single one overlapped. I couldnt believe it...Lou has a great variety of artists on his page so check that out as Im sure we'll be hearing more from him soon.

Lou Ming Presents Florida Documentation

Monday, February 23, 2009


City: Tampa (I think)
Type Of Music: Hardcore/Punk
Years Active: 1988 - ???
Myspace or Website: n/a

Justin from Thunder Lizard sent this to me to post. I remember my friend Old School John having this record but I honestly know nothing about the band. This was released in 1989 and is really melodic. Definately had a real good sound. If anyone has info, theyd like to pass, please do. Great record and worth checking out

Awake! - Beliefs

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Gargirls/Drug Czars Split

For info on the Drug Czars, click here

Not alot of info on this, I think it was released on Star Crunch Records. If anyone has info theyd like to pass along, by all means hit me up and Ill get it updated

It has been brought to my attention that this record is still available and can be purchased here:

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Happy Birthday to...the blog

Sorry for the lack of update yesterday but this week is hectic with school so Im doing the best I can. Also I didnt realize it but last week was the 1 year anniversary of the South Florida Music Scene blog. Time just flew by...I cant believe Ive been doing it for a year. It started me wanting to track down rare recordings from old South Florida bands and its turned into this, this which consumes my life when I go down to Miami for a visit. Im glad that so many of you still check regularly and leave comments and I will try to continue doing what Im doing. Just bear with me as school is brutal this semester. Again thank you for your support.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Glasseater - Holiday (Weezer Cover)

For past Glasseater entries, click here:

Glasseater recorded this track, a cover of Weezer's song "Holiday", for a compilation called "Rock Music: A Tribute To Weezer" on Dead Droid Records. This has Jason on vocals and still features the classic lineup up from their first 2 records. Glasseater put their own spin on the song and I think it holds up pretty well.

Glasseater - Holiday (Weezer cover)

Also, a little tidbit of info about this compilation: Miami straight edge band Destro was originally slated to be on this comp as well. They recorded a cover of "Suzanne" from the Mallrats soundtrack which was drastically different from the original. The compilation was delayed numerous times so the band decided to include the track as a hidden track on their full length "The Accuracy of Broken Whispers". The owner of Dead Droid records found out, blew up about the situation, and kicked the band off the compilation replacing them with Midtown who did the same song. If you wanna hear their version, its about 30 seconds after the song "Jettison" on the full length. You can check it out here:

Monday, February 9, 2009

Chocolate Grasshopper

City: Miami
Years Active: 1985 - late 1980s (roughly)
Type Of Music: Hardcore Punk
Myspace or Website: n/a

Okay so Im not even gonna pretend like I know a lot about Chocolate Grasshopper. I know the name from way back but thats where my knowledge ends. If anyone out there has any info, please pass it along so I can give this band a proper post. The music is fast with some melodic parts...definately good stuff. Did they release anything else? Again I have no clue...Ill see what I can do about finding more info but until then heres Chocolate Grasshopper.

Thankfully both Aesop and George Van Orsdel saw my post and helped piece some of the info together for me. Aesop said the band started before the year I thought which helped since he moved out of South Florida in 1988. George had this to say:

"Aesop is correct, this was Andre's pre-Quit band. Chocolate Grasshopper was around during the mid-eighties, I'd venture to say 1985-87, give or take, and the band consisted of Brent Wilson on guitar and vocals, Andre Serafini on drums, Ray (whose last name escapes me) on guitar and vocals, and Mike (whose last name again I can't remember) on bass. Brent and Ray would alternate on vocals as well as share backing vocal duties. As for the origin of the band, I honestly don't know, since they were already established when I became friends with them. In their own words, as written on their demo cassette, Chocolate Grasshopper were not "punkers, skins, gothic, progressives, rich little brats like the rest of miami, cool, mean, macho, fags, capitalists, commies, nazis, addicts, bros or vegetarians". Of course none of this was meant as slurs or insults to anyone, it was merely written sarcastically, due to constant rumors and the usual "shit-talking" that goes on within a scene. Chocolate Grasshopper was indeed one of the more popular bands at the time, therefore attracting the usual jealousy from other bands, which in turn sparks negative rumors. But I can vouch for them in saying that not only were Chocolate Grasshopper one of the most talented Miami bands in their day, but they were great guys, very cool and lots of fun to be around, in fact Brent and I went on to be great friends. They were very popular with the skateboarding crowd, as well as the punk crowd, but they were loved by all. My old band, Not Dead Yet, had the pleasure of playing many shows together with Chocolate Grasshopper. In my personal opinion, Chocolate Grasshopper was, and still remains, one of the great Miami punk bands of all time.
After the band broke up, Brent went on to play in Not Dead Yet, and then eventually moved to Gainesville where he started one of my all-time favorite Florida bands, RADON. Andre of course went on to play drums in QUIT. I occasionally run into Ray at local shows, I know he's played with Jesse from FWA in several projects, at the moment I don't know if he's involved in any music projects or not. I haven't heard from Mike since after Chocolate Grasshopper broke up. Brent now lives in Colorado and Andre went on to start his own live sound company in south Florida called Beach Sound. Ray still lives in Miami to the best of my knowledge and Mike is M.I.A. I have live footage of Chocolate Grasshopper playing one of their many shows at the Cameo Theater. I will try posting some footage up on youtube, I'll keep you posted."

Chocolate Grasshopper - Partyin With Bearhead

Friday, February 6, 2009

Brandon Holding, R.I.P.

Brandon Holding who was a regular at South Florida shows passed away on Wednesday night after an 8 month battle with Leukemia. I don't know all the details but there is going to be a memorial/benefit show in the next month or so to help out his family. Brandon you are in our hearts and thoughts, may your soul rest in peace.

The Modern Society from GA. playing Florida

While not a Florida band, Original Signal Recordings contacted me about mentioning the tour for "The Modern Society" who is playing Florida dates. I checked out the band and enjoyed their music...real good rock n roll in the vein of Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers (in my opinion) and 70s rock. Check it out...heres what the label had to say:

"Original Signal Recordings recently released The Modern Society’s album The Beat Goes On. The Modern Society are an Atlanta, Georgia based band. They are fans of the early 60's polished mod movement along with the gritty leather and rock n' roll culture of the 50's and you can hear elements of both in their music. They are playing all throughout Florida this month."

Feb 19 2009 8:00P
Dive Bar Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
Feb 20 2009 8:00P
Exodus Coffee Port St. Lucie, Florida
Feb 21 2009 8:00P
Dada Delray Beach, Florida

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Cell 63

City: Miami
Years Active: 1992 - 1995
Type Of Music: Punk
Myspace or Website: n/a

Bio courtesy of George Van Orsdel:

"CELL 63 was formed in 1992 by Rob Coe (singer/guitarist), George Graquitena (drums), William Trev (bass) and David O. (guitar). Rob Coe had just come off the heels of his former band The NAUGHTY PURITANS (where he went by the stage name of Johnny Dallas), and George had previously played locally with bands such as JOBBERNOWL and The F-BOYZ.
CELL 63 had a very distinct sound, but was very reminiscent of the Minneapolis sound of the eighties, with such bands as The Replacements, Husker Du, Soul Asylum, as well as Florida artists Charlie Pickett and the Psycho Daisies,among many others. The band started playing locally in the Miami area, starting with their first show at Uncle Sam's Musicafe on South Beach. They immediately became a staple in the Miami local music scene, and soon after began working on their first self-titled debut CD "CELL 63".
The band quickly gained fans and recognition, from citations in "South Florida Magazine" (for best local artists) to articles in The New Times. The band was also featured on 2 local cd compilations, the Churchill's Hideaway CD "Music Generated by Geographical Confusion and Beer", and the Washington Square comp CD "Live At The Square II", as well as being a featured band at the 'Miami Rocks II" live music conference.
In 1993, William Trev quit the band to join the Holy Terrors and Cell 63 was found with having to find a replacement. After numerous bass players, the band finally found one, Peter Tassler from local Miami band The Shruggs.
The band started branching out of Miami, playing shows around the state, and opening up for such national acts as Reverend Horton Heat, The Genitorturers, The Nixons and many others.
In 1994, the band decided to record their second cd, "Once Upon A Drunk...". During recording however, Peter left the band and was replaced by Matt Peters, who formally played drums for Melbourne band The SCOOBIE DOOS. "Once Upon A Drunk...", which was released later that year, received great reviews, locally and nationally, garnering the band an excellent write-up in CMJ magazine as well as other publications, and offering them the opportunity to be featured on a 30 minute South Florida TV show called "MUSIC X".
The band eventually broke up in 1995, shortly after their U.S. East Coast tour, citing musical and personal differences. They all went their separate ways, except for Rob and George, who went on to form FAY WRAY with Tony Roche (bassist for local Miami band QUIT) and singer Jeff London, who lived in Gainesville.
Rob Coe is currently the mastermind behind the band The ENABLERS, and George is the vocalist for South Florida psychobilly band The VAN ORSDELS. Matt Peters moved back to Melbourne, FL and now owns his own asphalt paving company. David O. settled down to the family life."

Heres an article on the band that was written by the Miami New Times:

Cell 63 - Self Titled

Cell 63 - Once Upon A Drunk

Monday, February 2, 2009

Against All Authority interview, Rational Enquirer 1995

Heres an early interview with Against All Authority from late 1995 or early 1996, right after one of their first US tours. This is before "Destroy What Destroys You" was released. This interview was published in Rational Enquirer zine.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Where Fear And Weapons Meet - Closedown (The Cure cover)

In 2000, Too Damn Hype Records released a compilation called "Disintegrated" which was a tribute to the Cure. All the bands featured covered songs from the album "Disintegration" (for some reason, no one covered Lovesong) including Cave In, Converge, Bad Luck 13, Voice of Reason. The label went under, this record kinda got lost in the shuffle and has been out of print since about 2001. South Florida's Where Fear and Weapons Meet covered "Closedown" and it was definitely interesting. Nice to see them try to do something different and make the song their own but also keep their style. Anyway, enjoy what I think is the last Where Fear and Weapons Meet song to be unearthed.

Where Fear and Weapons Meet - Closedown


City: Ft. Laudedale
Years Active: 1988 - Present
Type Of Music: Punk
Myspace or Website:

From the bands Myspace:

"RADIOBAGHDAD formed in 1988 with founding members, lester norris, chris goldbach, chris (paco) pabon on bass, and guitarist (now for wiskey and company) scott norman. later the band recruited ,just out of diapers 15 year old guitaris ,chris hawkinz, scott later left the band, lester took on guitar duties, but his guitar playing sounded like a "dead chicken" lester left around 1992 and the band got vocalist"garry messick ( i think thats how you spell it) from cool blue halo, the band went in a different direction only later to get lester back on vocals, and get goldbachs long time friend collapsing lungs guitaris pete gross, actually the time line may be wrong but fuck it,.,.any way the bands final line up was lester, gross, gordon, hawkins and goldbach, baghdad toured europe 3 times and the states once, but you see the band cant live with one another, there was always some shit going on, it was like a soap opera,anyway this is boring typing all this shit so look for shows and support all the bands mentioned and all the bands on my space and elswhere cheers"

You can order "665, The Neighbor Of The Beast" CD here:

You can order "Hooked On Ebonics" and "120 Years of Bakin" here:

Monday, January 26, 2009

Closer Than You, Vol. 1: Florida Ska

Florida had a pretty big ska scene in the mid to late 90's and this CD is proof. Put out in 1997 by Moon Ska Records this featured a variety of ska bands from Florida ranging from traditional ska to more punk influenced ska. There is also a Volume 2 but I haven't been able to track it down. I apologize for the size of the image but I cant seem to find the actual cover I scanned so this is the best I could do. The track listing is as follows:

  1. So Much :: Magadog
  2. Growing up on a Couch :: Less Than Jake
  3. Looking Up :: Skif Dank
  4. Besame Mucho :: Usuals
  5. Kojack :: Blue City Kings
  6. My Dog Pedro :: Pork Pie Tribe
  7. Smoke in My Horn :: The Rugcutters
  8. Picture :: Baccone Dolce
  9. Senator :: Hopscotch
  10. Knocked Out :: Jive Step Bunch
  11. Stressed Out :: Skahumbug
  12. The Bone :: The Shakes Society
  13. Mohammed Ali :: Majik Dirt
  14. Less Baltimore :: Magadog
  15. Peanuts and Radishes :: The SKalidays
  16. A Few Too Many :: Lame
  17. Don't Tell Me :: The Usuals
  18. My Very Own Flag :: Less Than Jake
  19. It's Time :: Blue City Kings
  20. Skanking in Scotland :: Pork Pie Tribe

Closer Than You, Vol. 1: Florida Ska

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Denny's Unit - Unreleased Demo

City: Miami
Type of Music: Punk
Years Active: 1995 - 2000 (roughly)
Myspace or Website: n/a

I was really hoping Id find some kind of info on Denny's Unit to post but I couldnt find anything. Real good punk rock from Miami that later featured Mike Marsh from the Agency and Dashboard Confessional on drums as well as Lori, the future Mrs. Marsh, on bass. If anyone has photos or more info to add, pass it along and Ill get it posted. I don't know what else the band recorded, but this demo was apparently unreleased so I dont have the track names but the quality is real good. Check it out

The Man, George Van Orsdel, dropped this info for us regarding the band

"The Denny's Unit demo was recorded around 1997-1998 (I could be mistaken with the year), at Tapeworm studios in Miami, with Jeremy DuBois. I played drums on these demo recordings. I also have a live recording from a show at Cheers (I need to transfer it to MP3). I have the song titles somewhere but I can't find them, I'll do my best to find them for ya. The singer/guitarist, Patti Gran, eventually moved out of state and played in a band called New Black and currently plays in a band called The Dials. Mike Marsh took over on drums after I stopped playing with the band. I don't know if they recorded anything after that. As for any photos, I don't have any and I don't know if any exist."

I received an email from the band who asked that I take down the link. The demo was never meant to be released and I apologize to them for having it up. They said they would send me pictures to post so be on the look out for that

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Timescape Zero

City: Miami
Type of Music: Hardcore
Years Active: 1992 - Present
Myspace or Website:

Alright so I posted this before but Adel 156 was nice enough to send me an actual copy so I could get a real good sounding rip of it. Huge thanks to him for his support in this cause. This is everything that was released by the band before the release of their last full length "Total War" on X-Ray Records. I scanned the back so you can see the tracklisting as well. Also Im including the link to the original post I did for the band which has a link to purchase "Total War". Again, huge thanks to Adel for helping me out

Timescape Zero - Everything Short of Total War

Link to the original post:

Monday, January 19, 2009

Roach Motel

City: Gainesville
Type Of Music: Punk
Years Active: 1980 - 1984
Myspace or Website:

Arguably, Florida's first punk band. While The Eat was the first punk band in South Florida, Roach Motel was the first punk band in Florida. George Tabb would later go on to start the band Furious George.

Also the man Aesop had to this to say on his blog about this release. Thanks to Aesop for letting me use his words. Check out his blog for some great out of print releases:

"Roach Motel were one of the earliest and best-known hardcore bands from Florida. Here's their debut 7" Roach & Roll from 1982. Sure this record has some jabs at Cubans, old people and homosexuals and the infamous track "Wetback," but back in '82 punk wasn't overrun with PC watchdogs, and this kind of naive bigotry was just part of a bigger misanthropy. Not that I am condoning such sentiments, it was just how it was back in the day, and I am against any kind of revisionism of the past to conform with people's tight-assed worldview in the present. Either way, this is a classic of American punk and a very important piece of my growing up punk in Florida. These guys were the kings, this record is the proof."

From their Myspace:

"1980, Gainesville, FL - Roach Motel play their first gig, opening up for the Bazookas at a tiny dive for about six people and a toothless bartender. A legend is born.

1984 - After an illustrious career during which the boys find a real drummer; tour with Black Flag, Minor Threat and Suicidal Tendencies; play with Dead Kennedys, CH3, the Necros and others, get lucky, release four records (including the mind-blowing punk compilation, "We Can't Help it if We're from Florida" and their debut "Roach & Roll", both of which are highly sought-after collector's items), the band finally implodes from the pressures of fame, money, and punk cred. In a haze of booze, broads, and Percodan, the members scatter across the US.

Last known whereabouts:

* Bob Fetz - Spotted on the "F" train to Brooklyn mumbling, "I am Gilligan."
* George Tabb - Founded the world-wide Punk Television (Ptv) media empire.
* Jeff Hodapp - Runs a successful flamingo farm in South Florida
* Frank Mullen - Producer of pornographic movies
* Eric Engan - Last seen on "America's Most Wanted" (reward pending)"

The vinyl version of this record has been out of print for years but it was released on CD in 2003. As far as I know, that CD is now out of print. If someone knows otherwise, please let me know and Ill take down the download link

Roach Motel - Roach & Roll

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Morning Again, Live at the 108 show in 1997

I got an email from Bob who played in Caught Inside saying that he has a bunch of pictures from the mid 90s at Cheers. I told him to send em on over and heres what I got so far...Morning Again in their earliest lineup including Damien on vocals and John on guitar. You can see Alex from Makeshift and George from Brethren in the last picture. Check it out. All pictures ©Robert Lyon

Friday, January 16, 2009

George Van Orsdel comes through huge!!!

George Van Orsdel, the singer of the Van Orsdels (among many others in the past), was nice enough to send me a disc with loads of bands from South Florida's past as a contribution to documenting this great scene we love so dearly. Huge thanks to him for sending that out of the kindness of his heart without asking for money to cover postage and shipping (which I gladly would have paid). Expect some real gems from South Florida's past real soon...he also included this picture of the Cameo Theater marquee being prepared for a Dead Boys show in 1986. Again, George thanks so much for all your help and contributions...expect a full interview with George in the near future.

One other note of interest, I received a message from Dan Buddah asking if I had been able to find any of the following bands...a few I had but others not yet so if any of you reading this have anything of it, get in touch with me.

Ruptured Nun
Nuclear Beer
Pagan Faith
The Believers
Slap of Reality
Drunken Fish
The Hangmen
The Roidz
Bad Rep
The Trash Monkeys
Incadescent Rage
Rugged Edge
Nazi Satan

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Bum Ruckus

City: North Ft. Myers and Coral Springs
Type of Music: Punk Ska
Years Active: 2000 - 2006 (???)
Myspace or Website:

From the Bum Ruckus Purevolume page:

"Trudging on for 6 years now, Bum Ruckus has been one of the hardest working ska bands in South Florida. With there phenominal stage show and connection with there fans, nobody will be left disappointed. Check them out."

Okay not a lot to work with...any info anyone wants to pass along would be greatly appreciated.

Bum Ruckus - Said And Done

Bum Ruckus - Tulips On An Organ

Monday, January 12, 2009

Ebay Ebay Ebay

The fine gentleman Walters messaged me and wanted to let everyone know he selling a copy of the Bingo Mut 7 inch as well as the first AAA 7 inch on ebay for anyone who might interested. Starting bid is only $1.99. Theres also some Less Than Jake records too...check it out

Ebay is your friend

Foolproof - 2001 Demo, Final Recordings

City: Miami
Years Active: 1995 - 2001 (roughly)
Type Of Music: Punk
Myspace or Website:

For a full write up and past Foolproof postings click here

These 3 songs, to the best of my knowledge, are the final recordings from South Florida Punk heroes Foolproof. After a demo and a full length, the band called it quits but not before recording these songs. A huge thanks to Andres from Foolproof for allowing us to post these songs for you guys to hear.

Foolproof - 2001 Demo