Thursday, January 29, 2009

Where Fear And Weapons Meet - Closedown (The Cure cover)

In 2000, Too Damn Hype Records released a compilation called "Disintegrated" which was a tribute to the Cure. All the bands featured covered songs from the album "Disintegration" (for some reason, no one covered Lovesong) including Cave In, Converge, Bad Luck 13, Voice of Reason. The label went under, this record kinda got lost in the shuffle and has been out of print since about 2001. South Florida's Where Fear and Weapons Meet covered "Closedown" and it was definitely interesting. Nice to see them try to do something different and make the song their own but also keep their style. Anyway, enjoy what I think is the last Where Fear and Weapons Meet song to be unearthed.

Where Fear and Weapons Meet - Closedown

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billy white said...

Thanks Chip I can't wait to hear this!