Thursday, January 15, 2009

Bum Ruckus

City: North Ft. Myers and Coral Springs
Type of Music: Punk Ska
Years Active: 2000 - 2006 (???)
Myspace or Website:

From the Bum Ruckus Purevolume page:

"Trudging on for 6 years now, Bum Ruckus has been one of the hardest working ska bands in South Florida. With there phenominal stage show and connection with there fans, nobody will be left disappointed. Check them out."

Okay not a lot to work with...any info anyone wants to pass along would be greatly appreciated.

Bum Ruckus - Said And Done

Bum Ruckus - Tulips On An Organ


Carolyn Sanity said...

I found their album "Tulips On An Organ" while going through my old CDs. I saw them in Orlando as a young teen at the old Will's Pub maybe 2002-2003 and was so excited that they let me buy a lighter... I still have it! "Don't steal my fuckin BUM RUCKUS lighter" haha I can send you a pic if you want to put it up on the site. I have an old mini flyer with them listed as opening for Big D and the Kids Table too. Let me know:

Carolyn Sanity said...

Found an article about them playing 2001 Warped Tour:

Bum Ruckus Makes Some Noise
July 20, 2001|By Enma Leyva Staff Writer

Their name: Bum Ruckus. Their fame: playing at the national Vans Warped music tour when it comes to Florida this month.

This will be the third year Bum Ruckus, a local ska/punk-pop band, plays on the tour. The band will hit the stage when the 45-city tour comes to Orlando, Pompano Beach and Tampa on consecutive days, July 27-29. Other nationally known bands such as Esham, 311, H2O and Rancid will also perform on the tour.

Many concertgoers might recognize the Cooper City and Coral Springs residents who make up the band.

Bum Ruckus is composed of bass player Eddie O'Brien, 18; drummer Josh Greenberg, 19; guitar player Justin Berke, 17; vocalist Ryan Hernandez, 18; saxophone player Tommy Locricchio, 21; trumpet player Robert Caggiano, 16; and trombone players Jason Fernandez, 20, and Sean "Jack" Chaney, 16.

"I'm very excited. This is my first time in the tour, and I get to meet all the bands from Warped Tour," said Chaney, who has been a member of the band since September.

O'Brien, of Cooper City, and Greenberg, of Coral Springs, started the band in 1998. Originally there were eight members, all from Cooper City High School. Since then, there has been a series of lineup changes.

The band began by practicing in Greenberg's garage in Coral Springs every once in a while. Now the band can be heard practicing there every Wednesday.

How did they come up with a name for the band?

"We were just goofing around, and it was something I said. Ryan decided to keep it," O'Brien said.

For more than three years, Bum Ruckus has performed at local nightspots such as the Chili Pepper in Fort Lauderdale and Club Q in Davie. In the beginning, band members would have to call local clubs in order to get a gig. Now other bands invite them to play alongside them.

All of the members of the band write and compose songs. A vote is taken to decide which songs will be performed on a certain night. There is no specified bandleader. "We all throw our ideas together when we write songs," O'Brien said. "We all get along pretty good."

Twice the band has toured throughout Florida, from Miami to Pensacola. Traditionally, before each show, the band sleeps at Greenberg's house, where they throw a party before going off to perform.

"I feel confident with this band," Berke said.

In 1999, the band tried out for the Vans Warped Tour and won a spot on the stage when it came to Pompano Beach. Last year the band played two days on the tour in Pompano Beach and Orlando. This year, Vans Warped Tour officials invited them to play all three days of the tour's Florida swing.

"Vans Warped Tour has been going on for seven years and is sponsored by Vans Inc. and Target. They tour throughout the United States," Warped Tour Publicist Lauren Valencia said from California.

The tour is geared toward teens ages 15 and older and has earned a reputation as a major star maker. It presented Limp Bizkit, Kid Rock and Eminem early in their careers.

In 1999, Bum Ruckus released its debut CD Said and Done. They plan to release a self-titled CD by July 27.

The band plans to continue playing gigs and maybe tour nightclubs throughout Florida again.

"It's kind of exciting, but we just take it one day at a time," Locricchio said. "The band comes first for me. We take it pretty serious."

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