Monday, January 26, 2009

Closer Than You, Vol. 1: Florida Ska

Florida had a pretty big ska scene in the mid to late 90's and this CD is proof. Put out in 1997 by Moon Ska Records this featured a variety of ska bands from Florida ranging from traditional ska to more punk influenced ska. There is also a Volume 2 but I haven't been able to track it down. I apologize for the size of the image but I cant seem to find the actual cover I scanned so this is the best I could do. The track listing is as follows:

  1. So Much :: Magadog
  2. Growing up on a Couch :: Less Than Jake
  3. Looking Up :: Skif Dank
  4. Besame Mucho :: Usuals
  5. Kojack :: Blue City Kings
  6. My Dog Pedro :: Pork Pie Tribe
  7. Smoke in My Horn :: The Rugcutters
  8. Picture :: Baccone Dolce
  9. Senator :: Hopscotch
  10. Knocked Out :: Jive Step Bunch
  11. Stressed Out :: Skahumbug
  12. The Bone :: The Shakes Society
  13. Mohammed Ali :: Majik Dirt
  14. Less Baltimore :: Magadog
  15. Peanuts and Radishes :: The SKalidays
  16. A Few Too Many :: Lame
  17. Don't Tell Me :: The Usuals
  18. My Very Own Flag :: Less Than Jake
  19. It's Time :: Blue City Kings
  20. Skanking in Scotland :: Pork Pie Tribe

Closer Than You, Vol. 1: Florida Ska


Todd said...

Wow. I remember this! I haven't thought about this record in ages.

Carlos said...

w00t! Baccone Dolce was THE SHIT!!!


Anonymous said...

I was in The Rugcutters and have been looking for this online for a long time... thanks for posting it!

Frank said...

Can anyone help me out with this, any info on hopscotch/ any more music by them? Such a great comp but I love that Senator song.


Anonymous said...

Great find! This, along with the California SkaQuake Comp are what first turned me on to Ska back when I was a Teenager. A shame that some of my favorites on there aren't around anymore.

Anonymous said...

Do you have volume 2?

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for this! I had this cassette on regular rotation for a short, but fun, while.