Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Stop This Fall

City: Miami
Years Active: 2001 - 2006
Type Of Music: Hardcore
Myspace or Website:

Stop this fall got together in late 2001, releasing the first demo in 2002. We were a political hardcore/PUNK band. We toured the east coast a few times, played at the alley a whole fucking lot, and managed to re-record one of our song 4 times. The first Demo was recorded in one night in our friend's living room, except for the vocals which were recorded in my closet. The second demo was recorded by Bob of Caught inside. The unreleased demo was us messing with some of the songs for the e.p, also recorded in my house for the most part. The E.P was recorded with Johnathan Nunez of torche/adore meridia fame and features alex from all hell breaks loose on the song "John mayor is a tool". The final recording session was somewhat a disappointment, we like the songs a lot but the recordings don't do them justice. These songs were the 7" on moment of truth records and also a split with Colin of Arabia, Blood stands still, and In search of. Members of the band went on to Coffin Dancer.

Stop This Fall - Demo

Stop This Fall - 2nd Demo

Stop This Fall - Unreleased Demo

Stop This Fall - Scream Til You're Free

You can order Stop This Fall - 4 Way Split here:

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Slow week on my end...

Its the last week of classes before finals and thats why there really hasnt been any updates this week. Im also having trouble figuring out what I want to post next but expect a post for Stop This Fall before the week ends. Also, I wanna thank everyone who has been checking the page regularly which has had over 1600 hits in 10 days. I don't know if thats good, but to me thats amazing. Im glad that everyone is enjoying it and thanks for the emails you guys have been sending.
Im currently looking for live shows from South Florida bands especially bands who really didnt get to record anything or recorded a demo that has since been lost to time. If anyone has anything from xReaching Outx, Cornerstone, Third of May, And Then There Were None, Out of Focus, Wishes For WWIII and any other bands please get in touch.
Lastly, I'll be heading down to Miami in just over a week and Im hoping to get loads of music to add to the page so if anyone has any requests, please let me know.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Collapsing Lungs/L.U.N.G.S.

City: Ft. Lauderdale
Years Active: 1992 - 2000 (roughly)
Type of Music: Hardcore, HipHop, Metal
Myspace or Website:

From the Collapsing Lungs Myspace:

Long before KORN, Limp Bizkit and Linkin Park made it big, the members of South Florida's own Collapsing Lungs were making music history by combining metal, industrial, hard core and hip hop in a time when leftover 80's hair bands and budding alternative rockers were dominating the charts

Signed to Atlantic Records in 1994, the band released an EP entitled Colorblind and made waves on MTV's Headbanger's Ball with a video for the rap/metal anthem "Crackerjack." Not long after, their lead vocalist, Brian Tutunick (a.k.a. Olivia Newton Bundy), the original bass player from Marilyn Manson, left the 7-piece group and after a few other member changes, the remaining members formed L.U.N.G.S. (Losers Usually Never Get Signed) and in 1995 released the full length Better Class of Losers on Pavement/Zoo/BMG records.

While touring with such acts as Smashing Pumpkins, House of Pain, Cypress Hill, Ice Cube, Biohazard and a very, very young Limp Bizkit (who opened for them), brought the band major notoriety, the lack of promotion and tour support on behalf of the label would eventually lead to the group's demise.

The band(s) has gone through a number of personnell changes over the years. Here's what some of the guys have been up to.

In 2000, keyboardist Chris Nicholas, went on to direct and produce the documentary, "Marilyn Manson: Demystifying The Devil," which flashes back to their incarnation and chronicles through their controversial trials and tribulations. He also went on to become one of the producers for A&E Television's hit show Criss Angel: MINDFREAK. Vocal/Percussionist Frank "Crime" Cassara, is now the lead singer of The Mary Tyler Whores and can give you a bad ass tattoo if you visit him at Cool Cat Tattoos in Fort Lauderdale. Drummer Chris Goldbach went on to play with Against All Authority and now plays with Irish Car Bomb. Guitarist, Lloyd Holley has signed an international publishing deal with BMG music. Michael MdDermott, who was once the drummer for the legendary punk rock act, Murphy's Law now plays with Bouncin' Souls. Eddie Rendini now teaches Pro Tools at the acclaimed school Full Sail in Orlando, FL.

Nicholas, has been living in Los Angeles for the past six years and usually visits Fort Lauderdale for the holidays to see family and friends. Every year that he comes down, he would talk about putting together a reunion show and on Dec. 26, 2004, nearly a decade since their final performance, all Collapsing members (minus Kyle "Embryo" Hennrich, who no one could find) and a couple from L.U.N.G.S., reunited for a one-night only engagement at the Culture Room in Fort Lauderdale. Six hundred people showed up and the show went off flawless. The band had such a great time that they all said they'd do it again (possibly Christmas 2006).

Collapsing Lungs - Colorblind

L.U.N.G.S. - Better Class Of Losers

Collapsing Lungs - Demos and Unreleased Tracks

Implosive Disgorgence

City: Davie/Pompano Beach
Years Active: 2004-present
Type Of Music: Death Metal/Grindcore
Myspace or Website: http://

From a review:

Implosive Disgorgence is a tremendously heavy deathgrind/grindcore. In the grindcore community, its either hated or loved. Some consider it too cliche'd grind. The vocals stand out much from other unpopular grindcore bands. Coming from other local metal bands, ID came together again in 2007 adding a new drummer and for the first time, a bass player. Former drummer Nick and current guitar player Jeff played in Maruta. In 2007 after the line up change, ID began writing and recording a demo. In the re-building stages of ID, touring was a great break for them when they hit the road with bands like The Acacia Strain, Despised Icon, Full Blown Chaos, Emmure, Recon, My Bitter End, Through the Eyes of the Dead and many more. Their full length should be out in late 2008 on Siege of amida / Ferret Records.

You can purchase tracks from their earlier release here:

Low Cool

City: Coral Springs
Years Active: 2004 - Present (???)
Type Of Music: Hardcore
Myspace or Website:

Fronted by long time show goer, Mike Murphy, Low Cool made a name for themselves on the release of a demo. Before long, they became a pretty big draw in South Florida. Lyrics dealing with hating animal rights, asking girls to take off their shirts so he can bust on their boobs, and an ode to long time friend Mike Keim, Low Cool plays sporadic shows here and there so its hard to tell if they have actually broken up. They did play a supposed last show but I wouldn't be surprised if they play again. Always a good time live, this demo is the only thing they have recorded (as far as I know).
Members were in and went on to Protagonist, Kids Like Us, Know The Score and Until the End

Low Cool - Demo 2004

Thursday, April 10, 2008

A Jealousy Issue

City: Coral Springs
Years Active: 1999 - Present
Type of Music: Hardcore
Myspace or Website:

From the A Jealousy Issue myspace:

It all began on one quiet afternoon in late 1999. Five individuals crammed themselves into a small bedroom littered with equipment and began to play. We had no name, particular sound or agenda. Actually, I lied! We did have an agenda. Not one of political or deeply personal nature though. We just wanted to write, play music and tour. Over four rough years have passed since that fateful day. A few of the members may have changed, but the agenda still remains the same. A Jealousy Issue refuses to be written off as just another "ex-member" band and will strive to exceed all expectations placed upon us. We urge everyone else to do the same when dealing with their own lives. P.S. Writing a bio is like sitting on hot needles. Love Always, Us
Members have been in Poison the Well and Night of Broken Glass.

You can order A Jealousy Issue "If The Flames Don't Kill Us, We Will" here:

A Jealousy Issue - Somebody Shoot Me, I Think Im In Love

A Jealousy Issue - Demo


City: Miami
Years Active: 1994 - 2002
Type of Music: Punk
Myspace or Website:

To be into Miami punk and not like Milkshed is a crime against humanity. If you went to a show where an out of town band was playing, chances are Milkshed was playing the show. My favorite set of theirs is when they played with Lagwagon at Cheers. They sounded incredible and the crowd was really into it. They also did a damn good cover of Metallica's "Damage Inc.". All the guys were some of the nicest people you could ever hope to meet but unfortunately the band never really got its due outside of Florida. Thankfully they did leave behind some great music. If anyone has the demo or the artwork for the split with Grasspatch please get in touch.
Members went on to and were in Bird of Ill Omen, Where Fear and Weapons Meet, Level 9, Target Nevada and Retaliate

Milkshed - Melody Is A Friend of Mine

Milkshed - Split with the Agency

Milkshed - Split with Grasspatch

New Found Glory

City: Coral Springs
Years Active: 1997 - Present
Type Of Music: Punk
Myspace or Website:

I remember seeing NFG's second show (I think it was their second show). My friend told me to come to Cheers because Chad from Shai Hulud had a new band. While it wasnt my style, I could tell their was something special about their set. I couldn't tell you what songs they played (except for a Gameface cover and a Nirvana cover) but they just had something that said they were destined for great things. No matter what height they reach, they are still the same 5 guys they have always been. Fame hasn't changed them in any way and they are still hardcore kids at heart. They are planning on releasing a new EP on Bridge9 records this month. The preorders have started and are limited so get it now. With the preorder you also receive a copy of the NFG side project, the International Superheroes of Hardcore which, judging from the songs on their Myspace, is gonna be a great record. If you do go see them, make sure to give their merch guy Anthony a nice big kiss. Gentleman, I applaud you.
Members were in and went on to Shai Hulud, Inner City Kids, Backscatter, Tension, and the International Superheroes of Hardcore.

You can preorder "Tip of the Iceberg" here:

You can order everything else, except "Its All About The Girls" which is out of print, from them here:

Further Seems Forever

City: Pompano Beach
Years Active: 1998 - 2007
Type Of Music: Rock
Myspace or Website:

I remember the first time I saw Further Seems Forever. I didnt know what they sounded like except that it was members of Strongarm. I was so disapointed because I wanted Strongarm and I wasnt getting it. Luckily, I heard the Moon Is Down and lost my mind. I punched myself for neglecting them and not realizing how amazing they were. Further had a new singer for almost every record but I prefer the split and The Moon is Down which had Chris Carrabba singing. Every release is solid afterwards especially Hide Nothing which features ex-Sense Field singer Jon Bunch.

You can order all of Further Seems Forever's releases here:

Further Seems Forever - Live in Bushnell, IL. 06-07-2000 (with Chris on vocals)

Monday, April 7, 2008

Here's whats coming up...

So Ive been able to get in touch with some old South Florida regulars who have told me that they have loads of demos an 7 inches to add to the blog. Expect in the next few weeks posts for Endure (pre-Tension), Donut Run, New Found Glory, King 7 and the Soulsonics, Night of Broken Glass, Inner City Kids, Last Minute and more. Again, I ask if anyone has something they would like to contribute please drop me a comment or an email at and let me know. I've been getting a lot of positive feedback so far and I hope to keep it up and bring you the best South Florida had and has to offer. Ill post a list of some releases Im having trouble finding so if anyone can help that would be great.

"The Force Will Be With You...Always"

Raped Ape

City: Ft. Lauderdale
Years Active: 1998 - 1996
Type of Music: Metal
Myspace or Website:

Taken from the Raped Ape website:

Raped Ape was one of the most popular and respected bands, signed or unsigned, to emerge from the legendary Florida metal scene of the 1990s.

The group gained a worldwide following with four crushing cassette and CD releases between 1990 and 1994, including the acclaimed 1993 album Terminal Reality. Released independently in the U.S., the disc was licensed to labels in Germany and Japan, where it made the Top 30 metal charts.

In its Sunshine State stomping grounds, Raped Ape's raging live shows were incendiary. The band's following was so large and devoted, it's musicianship and sheer intensity so overpowering, most local bands refused to play after them (but begged to play ahead of them). And many touring bands requested the West Palm Beach area group open for them in Florida. Raped Ape shared the stage with more than 30 national acts, including Sepultura, Biohazard, Carcass, Death, Entombed, Morbid Angel, Machine Head and many more.

Word of the powerful band with the odd name spread near and far. The group was featured in the pages of such national and international magazines as Details, Billboard, Guitar World, Rip, Metal Maniacs, Metal Forces and Metal Hammer.

In Florida, the accolades seemed to never stop. Raped Ape was the only band to be honored at the state's four major rock awards shows (Florida Jammy Awards, Tampa Bay Metal Awards, South Florida Rock Awards and South Florida Slammie Awards). The group snagged multiple trophies and performed regularly at these events alongside such notable bands of the era as Marilyn Manson and The Mavericks.

Raped Ape was invited to showcase three years in a row at the Southeast Music Conference in Tampa plus made appearances at Miami Rocks Too and the New South showcase in Atlanta, gaining praise from major labels such as Interscope, Geffen, Atlantic, Capitol, EMI, EastWest and Atco.

In the days before the Internet and digital downloads, Raped Ape spread its music far and wide the old-fashioned DIY way. It sold thousands of CDs, cassettes and a wide range of merchandise at its shows and retail outlets throughout the state. Its Primal Horde fan club boasted more than 1,000 members, all of whom received a professionally designed newsletter.

Most importantly, Raped Ape was able to live up to the hype with its ferocious, uncompromising music of stunning strength and conviction. Always moving forward and expanding its vision, the band never rested on its laurels. While keeping its signature sound, the group was able to morph and change its style with each new release - from the speedy thrash of Perpetual Aggravation to the technical brutality of Terminal Reality to the heavy groove of its later releases.

For all its achivements, however, Raped Ape fell short of the brass ring. Through a combination of bad timing and its own integrity, fame and fortune remained elusive. When the bottom fell out in the mid-'90s and metal music died a quick and painful death, the band refused to surrender. Although changing its name and musical approach may have assured it a record deal, Raped Ape stuck to its guns and refused to compromise.

It was not until 1996, some eight years after the band's original vocalist named the group after an old mechanic's saying, that Raped Ape finally relented and became Paingod. A full-length album was recorded but the band's label sat on the the disc for a year. Much changed during that time. By 1997, the underground metal scene had dwindled and was about to hit rock bottom. The four band members all had moved on to new projects. With its pride still intact, the group called it quits, despite offers to reunite for a European tour.

Anything the band would have done at that point would have been anti-climatic. The late '80s and early '90s were a special time for Florida metal and underground hard music in general, never to be duplicated.

Despite its demise nearly 10 years ago, the band's influence continues to be felt throughout the South Florida scene. Raped Ape and other bands of its era paved the way for the robust all-ages scene that thrived into early this decade and continues on a limted level today. Bands with the same wide-ranging vision such as Nonpoint (drummer Rob Rivera was a member of the Primal Horde fan club as a teen in Puerto Rico) and Poison the Well followed immediately in Raped Ape's footsteps and put South Florida's hard-music scene on the national map.

It could even be argued that Raped Ape was one of the first bands to use death metal backing vocals, or to combine highly technical musicianship with hardcore - both staples of today's newly burgeoning hardcore/metal scene.

Now, midway through the first decade of the 21st century, a new breed of young bands is rising up to carry the torch and bring uncompromising, inventive metal back into the spotlight. It's the perfect time to look back and salute one of the pioneering bands of the past ... the one and only Raped motherf**king Ape.

Raped Ape - In Ape We Trust

Raped Ape - Perpetual Aggrivation

Raped Ape - Demo 94

Raped Ape - Terminal Reality

Unsilent Reign

City: Ft. Lauderdale
Years Active: 1997 - 2003
Type of Music: Hardcore
Myspace or Website: n/a

After a few lineup changes, Unsilent Reign got their shit together and began to draw, opening for some of the bigger bands of the day. They always had a very strong DIY ethich releasing their first two records themselves before signing to Too Damn Hype to release (in my opinion, best) Strangers Amongst Ourselves. Eventually, they changed their name to Thread of Hope and continue on.

Unsilent Reign - Strangers Amongst Ourselves

Unsilent Reign - The Fires of Body And Mind

Unsilent Reign - A Voice Among Silence

Target Nevada

City: Miami/Ft. Lauderdale
Years Active: 2002 - 2004
Type of Music: Hardcore/Metal
Myspace or Website:

Target Nevada are five, fine young men from Miami, Florida. They like this shit, a lot. Basically, they want money. With money, they can make lots of records. With money they could also make hundreds of small and medium black T shirts to sell to all those silly pre-pubescent kids in cities where hardcore thrives. With money, they could buy a shitty van with no air conditioning in which they will travel the world over and make babies. Pretty soon everyone will either be a fan or directly related to them as a result of their extensive touring. Target Nevada will bring the mosh and the entertainment, you just bring the loot. Record labels are the vehicle for spreading the message of blood, bitches, and booze. Target Nevada knows that they can "wow" people with their heavy music and potentially dangerous stage antics. If they have money, they will come to your city and either break things, hurt people or incite riots.

Target Nevada featured current members of Surprise Attack’s All Hell Breaks Loose as well as long time friend Alan Landsmen who played bass in Poison the Well and sang on the first Until the End records. In the winter of 2004 Surprise Attack Records released their CD single "something nasty" as a prelude of things to come. Late 2004 Miami FL's bastard sons came back for their 2nd SA MOB release, "no, we don't want to play your shitty fest" recorded @ Studio 13 (Poison the Well, Until the End, & many more) and was released Nov of 2004. Biting sarcasm & intense metal influenced hardcore wound be found within. The response was overwhelming. Words one might use to describe this CD: insensitive, uncivilized, callous, remorseless, ruthless, & savage. This band isn't afraid to speak their minds & tell you how it is.

Shortly after the Target Nevada’s CDs were released was the unfortunate death of good friend of the band and drummer of All Hell Breaks Loose Joe Lamadrid. This horrible event ultimately led to many hardships for both bands as members needed to take some personal time to grieve such a tragic loss. Guitarist Jason Boyer would later go on to join Alan’s old band mates in Poison the Well while Alex later forged on with his other bands Dead Weight & Dance Floor Justice. Target Nevada would later play a final show in 2005. I still feel like their full length CD was a very important album in the metallic hardcore genre and if people would have had the chance to hear it would agree. Also, it must be noted that Matt Bivetto sang on the "Young Andy Sixkiller" demo.

Target Nevada - The Young Andy Sixkiller Chronicles (Demo)

You can order their full length "No We Don't Want To Play Your Shitty Fest for only $5 here:

You can order their single "Something Nasty" for only $2 here:


City: Coral Springs
Years Active: 1997 - 2001
Type of Music: Emocore/Indie Rock
Myspace or Website:

Taken from the Eulogy Recordings website:

KEEPSAKE came humming onto the Florida scene in late 1997, bringing on an inventive emo/rock sound, somewhere around The Get up Kids meets Grade with a hint of Poison The Well. With tight, harmonious, dirge-like qualities that you can still sing along to, Keepsake appeals to a wide rock audience. Keepsake immediately became a local favorite in FL and proceeded on with an east coast tour. After a few changes to the band roster, they stabilized in time to record their debut full- length, ''The Things I Would Say,'' which was released on Eulogy in summer 98'. The band trudged through some membership turmoil eighteen months after the release of the first album and three tours. After the fiasco, Paul and Shane decided to revive the group and venture into the studio to record an MCD entitled, ''She Hums Like A Radio.'' The band then reformed under the present lineup and released the MCD. Keepsake released their latest full length ''The End Of Sound'' to much fanfare and delight. Keepsake broke up in 2003 after years spent on the road. Their final CD was titled "Black Dress in a B Movie" (Fearless). Members were in and went on to Until the End, One Day Away, and Poison The Well.

You can order She Hums Like A Radio here:

Bird Of Ill Omen

City: Ft. Lauderdale/Coral Springs
Years Active: 1996 - 1999
Type of Music: Hardcore/Metal
Myspace or Website:

Taken from the Bird of Ill Omen website:

An original jam started in 1996 under the moniker "Crestfallen". The band had no real direction but wanted to play something heavy. Tom Rankine on bass, Jose and Andrew Logan on guitar, George Rios on drums and Bundy on vocals. The band wrote some material that would later be reworked into some Bird Of Ill Omen songs. The band broke up, but Tom, George and Jose kept jamming together. Soon after Joe Simmons and Damien Moyal joined on guitar and vocals. The name "Bird of Ill Omen" was chosen by Damien himself. The line-up started to play shows with songs like "Spoon", "Pronoun" and "Now Ruin Is". Jose was replaced by Pete Bartsocas, as things were not working out. Joe was asked to leave and Andrew came back into the line-up. Very shortly after Damien quit to continue on with As Friends Rust and Culture, and Shane Post became the new vocalist; thus the classic line-up was born.

The band wrote three more songs, dropped two old ones, and went in studio to record their full length "Self, Dare You Still Breathe?", which was to be the very first release on Eulogy Recordings (it did in fact bare the first catalog number but due to production delays, Eulogy’s second release "Red Letter Day" ended up coming out first). The band was due to go tour with Morning Again, John Wylie’s band. The band got ready for the tour but the albums were not ready in time. So they pressed some copies themselves, with photocopied covers. Upon coming back, The Bird played a Halloween show where they dressed up as nuns and covered The Misfits’ songs such as "Bullet" and "Die Die My Darling", and had Alex Ceballos throw fake blood into the audience from behind an amp. In 1998 Think Tank Records re-released the album on a 12" vinyl, with a new artwork.

George left the band and was replaced by Jose. They right away started to write new material, two songs which would later be used on their ep. The band set for their second tour, which took them to Canada, along with some new merch. However on their return, Jose was held back at the border, forcing the band to cancel the rest of the tour; ultimately going under hiatus. Shane moved to Ohio, and Pete went up to Gainesville to join As Friends Rust. This proved to be the opportunity for Dead Men’s Theory to rise up, a side project featuring Tom and Andrew, combined with Alex Ceballos of Hondo (Andrew’s previous band). The project released a 7" vinyl on Ohev Records entitled "To Never Love Again", and were joined by Pete during their live shows.

Nearly a year later, The Bird decided to recruit Nahuel Gauna on drums, and asked Shane to return to work on some new songs. They wrote two more songs, and reworked two previously arranged into an ep’s worth of material named "When Love Would’ve Shown Interest In Us Both", also due out on Eulogy. One Day Savior released the ep on 7" vinyl after they decided to break up.

Both of Bird of Ill Omen's records are still available through Eulogy Recordings and can be ordered here:

Forever And A Day

City: Ft. Lauderdale/Coral Springs
Years Active: 1997 - 2001 (roughly)
Type of Music: Emo/Indie Rock
Myspace or Website:

From the Eulogy Recordings website:

FAAD was a rockin 5 piece, and later a rockin 4 piece. The band formed from the ashes of a long gone FL punk band, Last Minute. Half of the band formed hardcore mega band Poison the Well, while the others formed FAAD. FAAD began their career with an EP on Eulogy and a tour up the east with KEEPSAKE. After close to a year of touring, the band decided to shake things up. Guitarist Mike Crigler took over vocal duties on the Eulogy full length. The band matured from a poppy emo band to a more elaborate group, focusing more on songwriting and less on image. FAAD is for fans of Piebald, Chamberlain, and the Get Up Kids. Members went on to and were in Poison the Well, Last Minute, All Hell Breaks Loose, Target Nevada, and Stalkbreed. Currently Mike is traveling the world on this crazy adventure with wirfe and documenting it via Ryan is working and living in Los Angeles where he works on films and is preparing to direct his first feature film. You can more info here:
To see what Adrian is up to click here:

Both records are still in print and can be ordered here for only $5 each:

Friday, April 4, 2008


City: Miami
Years Active: 1998 -2001
Type of Music: Punk
Myspace or Website: n/a

Bio written by Juan, the drummer. Thanks for the info Juan.

Corky started in 1998 actually. Jose had this idea for a band and recruited Danny Palacios on bass and myself (Juan) on drums. Since it was a punk rock project and I was very much a hardcore kid in those days, Jose would add this "mosh" parts to songs to make it "more attractive" to me. Whatever. The name came about just like with any other band name: we were throwing around names and they were all so bad that at one point we were just throwing around stupid names as a joke. I said Corky jokingly (thinking of Corky from Life Goes On), and Jose showed up to practice three days later saying: "We have our first show", and handing me a flyer with the name Corky on it. I said it was a joke and then expressed that I refused to play under that name. But since things with this band were never 100% serious (or so we thought), we ended up playing our first show three weeks later at a warehouse in Kendall, with Caught Inside and I can't remember who else... maybe The Brown Study? Anyhow, it was actually a pretty good show! with stage dives, circle pits and shit.
At some point around 2000 or 2001 we decided to change our name if we were going to get a bit more serious about the band. We came up with The Getback, nothing out of this world but at least it sounded like a band name, not a retarded person's name (sorry). But our days as Corky definitely marked an era for all of us. It was a time of having sincere and honest fun playing music, and that was fucking awesome.

Corky - Fiesta Corky

Ed Matus' Struggle

City: Ft. Lauderdale
Years Active: 1994 - 2002
Type Of Music: Rock
Myspace or Website:

Taken from the Ed Matus' Struggle Myspace:

Ed Matus' Struggle started with Juan Montoya on guitar, Carl Ferrari on bass, and Robert Lecusay on drums in early 1994. They recorded a self-titled debut on Space Cadette records shortly after adding Scott Nixon on vocals and guitar.

Carl left in 1997 to pursue other musical interests, including his band Swivel Stick. A cadre of bass players followed, and eventually they decided to stay a 3 piece with Scott moving to bass permanently in 2000. After recording a split 7" with Floor, Entomological Discoveries with Sound and Vibration, they recorded a four song EP entitled Planes That Cast a Gloom.

Shortly thereafter they released a song on the Emo Diaries Vol. 4 entitled Distance. Another song, Hovering, was released on the Eagle has Landed compilation for Tranquility Base. Steve Brooks joined on guitar in 2000 and the band took a turn towards a heavier style of music. Ed Matus' Struggle broke up while recording songs for another full-length in 2002. Several songs were completed (or nearly completed, e.g., Hialeah and Teen Beatdown), but have never been released.

Members were in and are now in Cavity, Floor, Swivel Stick, Machete, Subliminal Criminal, and Torche

Ed Matus' Struggle - Self Titled

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Thought Crime

City: Miami
Years Active: 1995 - 1998
Type of Music: Metal/Hardcore
Myspace or Website: n/a

Alot of people gave Thought Crime crap because they played the Snapcase show in 1997. Amy Fiddler booked it and was friends with them and put them on. They took me to my first show in 1995 and I am forever grateful for that. Regardless of what kids thought, they were very talented and had they toured who knows where they would have gone. They recorded two full length cassettes before breaking up. Wonder what they're up to now...

Thought Crime - Self Titled

Thought Crime - Esoteric

Kreamy 'Lectric Santa

City: Miami
Years Active: Sometime in the early 90's to present
Type Of Music: I have no idea
Myspace or Website:

To be honest, I have no idea how to describe KLS. Download and listen for yourself. Very strange stuff.

Kreamy 'Lectric Santa - Da Bronx Sity Chicken Machine Vol. 2


City: Miami
Years Active: 1994 - 1996 (roughly)
Type of Music: Hardcore
Myspace or Website: n/a

480 wasnt around for too long but they played the very first show I ever went to. Listening back to their demo they had a moshy thing with some rap type vocals. Pretty good stuff for what it was. The singer started a band called Breed 457 (if I remember correctly) and they were alright but not as good as 480. Other members did no projects that Im aware of.

480 - Demo

Al's Not Well

City: Miami
Years Active: 1993 - 1998 (I think)
Type Of Music: Rock
Myspace or Website:

Al's Not Well was another one of those bands you really had to see. I only saw them once but I still love their full length. They set up plastic stars and flowers around the stage and had strobe lights and mirror balls. They had this thing where they said they were from outer space or something. Anyway, they signed to Tommy Boy records and then Joce, the singer/guitar player, left the band. They changed their name to Al's Well and became a nu metal band. They only released one full length and a 7 inch which I dont have but I think I may be able to track it down soon. The full length is a great blend of rock and pop. Had they put out a record on a major who knows where they would be now.

Al's Not Well - Glitter