Monday, April 7, 2008

Target Nevada

City: Miami/Ft. Lauderdale
Years Active: 2002 - 2004
Type of Music: Hardcore/Metal
Myspace or Website:

Target Nevada are five, fine young men from Miami, Florida. They like this shit, a lot. Basically, they want money. With money, they can make lots of records. With money they could also make hundreds of small and medium black T shirts to sell to all those silly pre-pubescent kids in cities where hardcore thrives. With money, they could buy a shitty van with no air conditioning in which they will travel the world over and make babies. Pretty soon everyone will either be a fan or directly related to them as a result of their extensive touring. Target Nevada will bring the mosh and the entertainment, you just bring the loot. Record labels are the vehicle for spreading the message of blood, bitches, and booze. Target Nevada knows that they can "wow" people with their heavy music and potentially dangerous stage antics. If they have money, they will come to your city and either break things, hurt people or incite riots.

Target Nevada featured current members of Surprise Attack’s All Hell Breaks Loose as well as long time friend Alan Landsmen who played bass in Poison the Well and sang on the first Until the End records. In the winter of 2004 Surprise Attack Records released their CD single "something nasty" as a prelude of things to come. Late 2004 Miami FL's bastard sons came back for their 2nd SA MOB release, "no, we don't want to play your shitty fest" recorded @ Studio 13 (Poison the Well, Until the End, & many more) and was released Nov of 2004. Biting sarcasm & intense metal influenced hardcore wound be found within. The response was overwhelming. Words one might use to describe this CD: insensitive, uncivilized, callous, remorseless, ruthless, & savage. This band isn't afraid to speak their minds & tell you how it is.

Shortly after the Target Nevada’s CDs were released was the unfortunate death of good friend of the band and drummer of All Hell Breaks Loose Joe Lamadrid. This horrible event ultimately led to many hardships for both bands as members needed to take some personal time to grieve such a tragic loss. Guitarist Jason Boyer would later go on to join Alan’s old band mates in Poison the Well while Alex later forged on with his other bands Dead Weight & Dance Floor Justice. Target Nevada would later play a final show in 2005. I still feel like their full length CD was a very important album in the metallic hardcore genre and if people would have had the chance to hear it would agree. Also, it must be noted that Matt Bivetto sang on the "Young Andy Sixkiller" demo.

Target Nevada - The Young Andy Sixkiller Chronicles (Demo)

You can order their full length "No We Don't Want To Play Your Shitty Fest for only $5 here:

You can order their single "Something Nasty" for only $2 here:

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