Monday, April 7, 2008

Bird Of Ill Omen

City: Ft. Lauderdale/Coral Springs
Years Active: 1996 - 1999
Type of Music: Hardcore/Metal
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Taken from the Bird of Ill Omen website:

An original jam started in 1996 under the moniker "Crestfallen". The band had no real direction but wanted to play something heavy. Tom Rankine on bass, Jose and Andrew Logan on guitar, George Rios on drums and Bundy on vocals. The band wrote some material that would later be reworked into some Bird Of Ill Omen songs. The band broke up, but Tom, George and Jose kept jamming together. Soon after Joe Simmons and Damien Moyal joined on guitar and vocals. The name "Bird of Ill Omen" was chosen by Damien himself. The line-up started to play shows with songs like "Spoon", "Pronoun" and "Now Ruin Is". Jose was replaced by Pete Bartsocas, as things were not working out. Joe was asked to leave and Andrew came back into the line-up. Very shortly after Damien quit to continue on with As Friends Rust and Culture, and Shane Post became the new vocalist; thus the classic line-up was born.

The band wrote three more songs, dropped two old ones, and went in studio to record their full length "Self, Dare You Still Breathe?", which was to be the very first release on Eulogy Recordings (it did in fact bare the first catalog number but due to production delays, Eulogy’s second release "Red Letter Day" ended up coming out first). The band was due to go tour with Morning Again, John Wylie’s band. The band got ready for the tour but the albums were not ready in time. So they pressed some copies themselves, with photocopied covers. Upon coming back, The Bird played a Halloween show where they dressed up as nuns and covered The Misfits’ songs such as "Bullet" and "Die Die My Darling", and had Alex Ceballos throw fake blood into the audience from behind an amp. In 1998 Think Tank Records re-released the album on a 12" vinyl, with a new artwork.

George left the band and was replaced by Jose. They right away started to write new material, two songs which would later be used on their ep. The band set for their second tour, which took them to Canada, along with some new merch. However on their return, Jose was held back at the border, forcing the band to cancel the rest of the tour; ultimately going under hiatus. Shane moved to Ohio, and Pete went up to Gainesville to join As Friends Rust. This proved to be the opportunity for Dead Men’s Theory to rise up, a side project featuring Tom and Andrew, combined with Alex Ceballos of Hondo (Andrew’s previous band). The project released a 7" vinyl on Ohev Records entitled "To Never Love Again", and were joined by Pete during their live shows.

Nearly a year later, The Bird decided to recruit Nahuel Gauna on drums, and asked Shane to return to work on some new songs. They wrote two more songs, and reworked two previously arranged into an ep’s worth of material named "When Love Would’ve Shown Interest In Us Both", also due out on Eulogy. One Day Savior released the ep on 7" vinyl after they decided to break up.

Both of Bird of Ill Omen's records are still available through Eulogy Recordings and can be ordered here:

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Audio Thrift Shop said...

Yo!!! This site is amazing I feel like I'm gonna cry, thanks (to whoever this is) so much for spending all this time posting and writing.
Possibly note worthy to this post is, the name "Fork In The Road" was used for an extremely breif time between Crestfallen & Bird Of Ill Omen, I have a practice tape from right after Joe Simmons joined from when they were using this moniker. Fucking awesome blog once again. Peace!!

PS - Also someone should write a short story about that crazy ass almost-riot Club Q show (first or second show I believe) where Damien mushed the owner and many a stool was smashed.