Thursday, April 3, 2008

Al's Not Well

City: Miami
Years Active: 1993 - 1998 (I think)
Type Of Music: Rock
Myspace or Website:

Al's Not Well was another one of those bands you really had to see. I only saw them once but I still love their full length. They set up plastic stars and flowers around the stage and had strobe lights and mirror balls. They had this thing where they said they were from outer space or something. Anyway, they signed to Tommy Boy records and then Joce, the singer/guitar player, left the band. They changed their name to Al's Well and became a nu metal band. They only released one full length and a 7 inch which I dont have but I think I may be able to track it down soon. The full length is a great blend of rock and pop. Had they put out a record on a major who knows where they would be now.

Al's Not Well - Glitter


Rene J. Murguia said...

i thought they changed their named to All is Well? or was that another variation?

The South Florida Scene Past And Present said...

You could be right about memory is not as good as it once was. Ill correct it. Thanks

Anonymous said...

I saw them live in 98 at the Red Lion Pub in Georgia. It was a great show, Joce came onto the stage with some sort of light-up toy laser gun, and they tossed out these little glow in the dark frisbees. The only down point was towards the end of the show when they were going into a cover of Molly's Lips and one of the amps shorted out.
I bought the album from them, and got it and the frisbee signed by the band, and Joce kissed the CD insert, leaving an imprint from her blue lipstick.
It's a shame they never got a major deal, I think they could have been pretty big.

Morgan said...

Al's Not Well changed their name to All is Well and were playing shows until around 2003/2004ish. They played 420 Fest 2003 at the American Legion in Miami. I still have the flier for that show.

Anonymous said...

Did you ever track down the EP if they had one? I ran across Glitter at a pawn shop. Great find.

mike d said...

yo i love this band,they did change their name to "all is well" and now they are "music as a weapon" they still rock...if any one knows where i can get a copy of glitter i will pay top dolla or be more than happy to send you a blank cd for a burned copy!!!

Kala said...

Whats up everybody this is Kala from Al's Not Well i was the colorful crazy ass percussionist back then. I am very proud of the accomplishments we had with that group here are some to name a few. We toured with Duran Duran, Fishbone, Incubus, and Skinee J's. We did the theme song for ESPN X games and did the tour as well. We came out on national TV on ESPN and NBC used our cover of Blondie's One Way Or Another in which Debbie Harry sing's on the track. Im going to answer some questions on here> Name change first we changed it to Al is Well but decided to start over and all the kids were calling us All Is Well so we kept it. Bleu took over as lead vocals, i then began to play Keyboards we also hired Celow guitarist of Mushroom Soup and DJ Walt. CD's i found some on ebay myself there are two versions of the album (GLITTER) the indy yellow one and the Beyond Tommy Boy blue one. The yellow is more raw sounding and the blue sound a bit clearer and louder also it has One Way Or Another with Debbie Harry doing some vocals. However i will gladly burn a copy for anyone. ALL IS WELL i still have a few of those cd's lying around. MUSIC IS A WEAPON is our new band the 3 boys of Al's Not Well we are all still together and i took over as lead vocals check us out we are leaving on tour in Holland in 10 days. Take care and thanks for the memories who ever made this one love Kala Le DRoid