Thursday, April 10, 2008

Further Seems Forever

City: Pompano Beach
Years Active: 1998 - 2007
Type Of Music: Rock
Myspace or Website:

I remember the first time I saw Further Seems Forever. I didnt know what they sounded like except that it was members of Strongarm. I was so disapointed because I wanted Strongarm and I wasnt getting it. Luckily, I heard the Moon Is Down and lost my mind. I punched myself for neglecting them and not realizing how amazing they were. Further had a new singer for almost every record but I prefer the split and The Moon is Down which had Chris Carrabba singing. Every release is solid afterwards especially Hide Nothing which features ex-Sense Field singer Jon Bunch.

You can order all of Further Seems Forever's releases here:

Further Seems Forever - Live in Bushnell, IL. 06-07-2000 (with Chris on vocals)