Thursday, April 10, 2008

New Found Glory

City: Coral Springs
Years Active: 1997 - Present
Type Of Music: Punk
Myspace or Website:

I remember seeing NFG's second show (I think it was their second show). My friend told me to come to Cheers because Chad from Shai Hulud had a new band. While it wasnt my style, I could tell their was something special about their set. I couldn't tell you what songs they played (except for a Gameface cover and a Nirvana cover) but they just had something that said they were destined for great things. No matter what height they reach, they are still the same 5 guys they have always been. Fame hasn't changed them in any way and they are still hardcore kids at heart. They are planning on releasing a new EP on Bridge9 records this month. The preorders have started and are limited so get it now. With the preorder you also receive a copy of the NFG side project, the International Superheroes of Hardcore which, judging from the songs on their Myspace, is gonna be a great record. If you do go see them, make sure to give their merch guy Anthony a nice big kiss. Gentleman, I applaud you.
Members were in and went on to Shai Hulud, Inner City Kids, Backscatter, Tension, and the International Superheroes of Hardcore.

You can preorder "Tip of the Iceberg" here:

You can order everything else, except "Its All About The Girls" which is out of print, from them here:


Audio Thrift Shop said...

Damn this band for being really bad and really cool at the same time. And thanks again for all your hard work on this dope blog.

Notes: Just prior to the formation of NFG, Chad Gilbert (guitar), his younger brother (whose name I forgot, on drums) & Duane (A Jealousy Issue/Poison The Well on vocals) were doing a pop punk band called Abe Froman (sausage kings of chicago). Although they never recorded anything (as far as I know), I attended a few pratices and they did use a handful of Duane's ideas (moive samples, etc.) on the first NFG record. Also, unless I'm totally crazy weren't some of the other guys (Steve or Jordan) in a band called Fallview right before NFG?

D. Ryan said...

Don't forget about " No Harm Done" or was it "No Harm Dun?" Ian's band prior to NFG. I used to love going to go see them at the Coral springs Civic center. I think they played one of the CHAOS shows.

Here's To The Radiant Season said...

NFG are probabaly the most successful of The South Florida Music Scene...
If you look in the sleeve off NFG's self titled album, I notice, in the thank you's there is a big list of bands they have played with... alot from The South Florida Music Scene, Bretheren, Milkshed, Foolproof, Dragbody, Inner City Kids, Forever And A Day Glasseater, Destro, Caught Inside, Further Seems Forever are some of the bands listed!
Even bands from the Tallahassee Music Scene are listed as well, for example A New Kind Of American Saint and One-Fith are listed as well!
Check it out!

Mme Paulita said...

Great guys and we should be proud of them