Thursday, May 20, 2010

Out Of Spite - The Unreleased Recordings

You guys probably forgot about me. Well Im back in Miami and Im going to try and keep up with this now that Im back. For my first post back, Harold from Out Of Spite sent me some unreleased recordings from the band. In case you missed my old post with the demo and the 7 inch, you can check it here.
I really don't have much info on the recording so Im going to ask Harold and see if he can give us some insight. Check back...I got some great stuff planned.

Out of Spite - Unreleased

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Timescape Zero Reunion May 21st

Adel hit me up to let me know that Timescape Zero is playing their last show ever at Churchills Pub on May 21st. When more info comes to me, Ill post it. Should be awesome.

Im going to try and start posting again...looks like I may be getting some more music which would be nice