Monday, June 9, 2008

Out Of Spite

City: Miami
Years Active: 1995 - 1997 (roughly)
Type of Music: Hardcore
Myspace or Website: n/a

I saw Out of Spite quite a few times and to be honest I don't remember much about them. They played Madball influenced hardcore and had a good following in South Florida. They released a demo and a 7 inch, both on Rick Ta Life's "Back Ta Basics" records. I swear there was another demo but I can't remember for sure. If anyone has info please pass it on because Id like to add it.
Members went on to DNME and Mehkago NT

Out Of Spite - Representing The Real Demo

Out Of Spite - Descending


Moody030 said...

What a coincidence that you put this up. I recently met Harold from the band while I was at work. We started talking hardcore and metal bands and he brought up Out Of Spite. Nice!

lurk3r said...

Whoa! I never thought I'd ever hear these songs again. Thank you!

O.P. said...

awesome band!

Colin B said...

Please re-up !!!
Been looking for Out of Spite stuff but can't find it nowhere

J.P. said...

pls reupload these shit........