Monday, June 16, 2008

Burning Strong

City: Miami
Years Active: 1994 - 1995
Type of Music: Hardcore
Myspace or Website:

Burning Strong wasn't around for very long. I never saw them but this practice tape is awesome. Remember getting together to practice with your friends, hooking up that boom box radio to record and then listening back and it sounded awful? Yeah...this isn't case. This sounds pretty damn good (not studio quality) for a tape recording. The band featured future Bird of Ill Omen member Tom as well as "Fed Up" Frank who wrote Fed Up zine in the early 90s. Like I said, I don't know a whole lot about them but these songs are real good. The band eventually changed their name to Stonecast before starting Bird of Ill Omen. Members were in and went on to Bird of Ill Omen, Salem, As Friends Rust and Dead Mens Theory
Thanks to Tom Rankine for helping clear up some mistakes.

EDIT: Frank was nice enough to contact me and add this information to the page. Thanks Frank.

1st show-Hellfire Club (SoBeach) w S.E.Firm,Brethren and Splat
2nd show- the Squeeze (FtL) with Out of Spite and Medicine Ball
3rd Show-the Refuge (StPetersburgh) w Tension ,StrongArm and Out of Spite
4th-SoFlo Superbowl of Hardcore(CoralSprings) w TENSION,Brethren,Out Of Spite, Strongarm, ShaiHulud's first(or second) show and a rare old sXe band from the early 90's called Greening. (By the way a then unknown band called HATEBREED was booked but never made it down...we're talking like 95, who the fuck knew who they were.)
Last Show- @ Churchills w Strongarm Brethren and Out Of Spite and SPIRIT 84.Burning Strong - Practice Demo

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