Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Discount (part 1)

City: Vero Beach and later Gainesville
Type of Music: Punk
Years Active: 1995 - 2000
Myspace or Website: http://www.myspace.com/discount

Discount played South Florida so much that they may have well moved down. They seriously played down here at least once a month for like 2 years straight. My friend Roy was absolutely nuts about them and would trek all over to see them. I'm going to be making posts for them in parts because to be honest, they released a lot of material. Here is part 1. They did a great cover of R.E.M.'s "Its the End of the World" at the end of this record. I'm pretty sure this was their first full length (Ill have to ask Roy to make sure).

Taken from the bands webpage:

Discount formed in Vero Beach, Florida in early 1995, a year in which most of its members were still in junior high school. The band, immediately active, began playing shows all over the state of Florida and bringing other bands to their previously musically barren hometown. Their first release, a self-released cassette, found it's way into the hands of Tim Lyman of San Diego's Liquid Meat Records. He liked what he heard and offered to release a seven inch. This began a relationship that has seen Tim, under various label names, release the three Discount full-lengths. Their newest, Crash Diagnostic, is on his newly formed label, New American Dream. Discount's continued loyalty to Tim Lyman is in keeping with their wishes to release music through independent record labels and to do business with people whom they consider friends.

Since 1995 Discount has: toured the United States extensively, released a battery of singles and EPs on various independent labels on 4 different continents, recorded an EP of Billy Bragg covers and toured Japan and Europe twice. Discount relocated to Gainesville and wrote their third full length album. Thus, their most recent project, Crash Diagnostic, recorded by Jay Robbins at Washington, DC's Inner Ear Studios. The album contains 13 songs.

The band has since broken up but did release a 2 disc singles collection.

Discount - Ataxia's Alright Tonight


You can order Discount - Singles Collection Vol. 1 here:


You can order Discount - Singles Collection Vol. 2 here: