Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Last Minute

City: Coral Springs
Years Active: 1995 - 1998
Type of Music: Hardcore Punk
Myspace or Website: n/a

I've been trying to get my hands on this for so damn long and finally here it is: Last Minute. Last Minute more or less became Forever and a Day and Poison The Well after their breakup. Ryan Reeb, vocals, was nice enough to send this to me as well as a a brief history as well as 2 amazing stories. Heres what he had to say:

Last Minutes original members were- D. Ryan Reeb, Nick Schuhmann, Michael Crigler, Ryan Primack and Vaughn Glenn. In their formative years, Last Minute rehearsed and came of age in Ryan Reebs Garage, also known as the offices of Omni Outdoors (Bruce Reebs Landscaping company.) Ryan Primack, Mike and Nick Met at Taravella High school. Ryan Reeb and Vaughn met at Douglas high school. After all having performed in failed bands previously they decided to get together and form Dog Waffle. Dog waffle came from Reebs obsession with Gorilla Biscuits. After playing out a few times and not having the response they desired, Dog Waffle became Last Minute. Last Minute played quite often at CHEERS in Miami, which is now sadly a fucking Quiznos or Party superstore. LM wrote 60+ songs as a band, signed to Eulogy Recordings in hopes of being Eulogy #1 release. LM recorded 12 songs at Studio 13 in Deerfield FL, was shortly dropped from Eulogy for not being "Hardcore Enough" and thusly taking the wind out of the sails to stardom. This dramatic shift in the future of the band caused a ripple that would eventually break up the current line up. Ryan Primack became more interested in hardcore, Vaughn became more of an asshole. One fateful day in the Last Minute / Morning Again / New Found Glory warehouse in Pompano, the tables turned. Ryan Primack and Vaughn were having a rough day at practice which led to a falling out. Vaughn lifted Ryans Bass up by the neck and began urinating up and down the body of the guitar. This was Vaughns last practice with the band. Later that week the LM boys had plans to see Face to Face, GutterMouth, and some other bands at the Edge. We were ordered by Vaughn to return his leftover microphones and misc drum accessories to him at the show. In Nicks white Ford Escort we drove to downtown Ft Lauderdale with Vaughns equipment in tow. Moments before arriving to the venue a storm of fierce slandering of Vaughn began. This led to the defication into a box containing Vaughn's musical reminants by Reeb. The look on Vaughns face as he opened his box of shit was a priceless end to an awesome drummer. Shorty after Vaughn Glenn left the band, an up and coming little sexy man from Davie FL named Chris Hornbrook auditioned for Last Minute and became the new and improved drummer. Last Minute attempted to recored one more time in Saint Pete. They recorded a one song single which was truly amazing. To this day, a digital file of this song is yet to be found. If anybody is aware of the location of this song, please be in touch.
(More to come....... Vaughn Glenn plays "Embrace" with "Ignite" at Cheers after Ignites drummer injured himself)

Ryan Reeb

Last Minute - Unreleased Full Length (this has 6 songs, supposedly 12 were recorded. Ill keep searching for the others)


Mike Crigler Ryan Primack & D. Ryan Reeb wrote the lyrics to this in 90 degree South Florida heat in our non-air conditioned shitty warehouse in Pompano. It was so fun looking back. It was at a time in our lives where Mike, Ryan and I were going through some seriously horrible experiences in our lives. When we would play this song on stage it was a way for the three of us to look each other in the eyes and connect over something that made us truly happy. This was probably my favorite song to play live. There is a part in this song that whenever we would play it the 305 kick boxing team, COACH, Clapkick, sXe Derek from Philly, Russ Saunders, and the rest of you, you know who you are (possibly "Brooklyn" <3 ), would mosh it up. I would be able to stage dive with the mic into the crowd and not hit the floor. So fucking fun. This song was written about certain verbally and physically abusive parents, bad girlfriends who would cheat on us with certain singers of Keepsake LOL, and the rest of the typical teen angst that stinky kids like us would bitch about. I love how these songs keep trickling in, 7 down 5 more to go. PLEASE help me find the rest. I would especially like to find the song "Cause for Alarm" aka Fight Poverty!
-I love you Mick, Nick, Ryan-

You crossed the fine line, between love and hate.
Socially disturbed is how you seem to me
You were so sincere filled with gratitude it didn't matter if emptiness eludes, but you're hopeless now, thrown all your dreams away, emotions burn inside to cover false dignity, and now you stand alone, you've taken way to much, you cant take it back once your minds made up, I don't blame myself, its so easy to point the finger at someone else. Now you've seen the truth, everything so clear, theres no looking back you hope the end is near, said in lesser words the pain will see us through.
Building up my strength, I've got to do it on my own, I guess I didn't turn out the way you want me to be, i guess I'm sorry , (Ryan Primack screaming) for being me, I guess I'm sorry for the discontent that it brings!!!
Now I see, the impression I gave to you wasn't understood, why i tried is the same reason you have for just giving up
now you've seen the truth, everything so clear, theres no looking back you hope the end is near, said in lesser words the pain will see us through.
one step at a time x2

Last Minute - One Step At A Time (Special Thanks to Billy White for sending this in)

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