Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Slow week on my end...

Its the last week of classes before finals and thats why there really hasnt been any updates this week. Im also having trouble figuring out what I want to post next but expect a post for Stop This Fall before the week ends. Also, I wanna thank everyone who has been checking the page regularly which has had over 1600 hits in 10 days. I don't know if thats good, but to me thats amazing. Im glad that everyone is enjoying it and thanks for the emails you guys have been sending.
Im currently looking for live shows from South Florida bands especially bands who really didnt get to record anything or recorded a demo that has since been lost to time. If anyone has anything from xReaching Outx, Cornerstone, Third of May, And Then There Were None, Out of Focus, Wishes For WWIII and any other bands please get in touch.
Lastly, I'll be heading down to Miami in just over a week and Im hoping to get loads of music to add to the page so if anyone has any requests, please let me know.


Anonymous said...

This is the sickest blog ever! Think you can get some Dead Lions?

The South Florida Scene Past And Present said...

Im sure I can track some down when I go down to Miami. Ill see what I can do. Thanks for checking it out.

beachrocker said...


Live TV Interview; click here or enter url and go:
PLUM TV Video interview:
DayBreak May 7: 1308 Productions | Miami Beach Plum


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The shows are being produced by 16 year old Allison Novack a student at Miami Beach Senior High School, on behalf of 1308 Productions, a non-profit organization underwriting the costs of the event. Allison is working to combine support for the music scene and music education with helping kids get active in positive contributions to their communities and our nation. Family, friends, volunteers, students, young rock bands, all working together ...... The Novack family has a long history of live music, music education, supporting youth involvement in music, and enhancing music projects and programs at public schools.

The series of live shows is entirely conceived, promoted, presented, produced, performed and managed by volunteers under the age of 18. Included are opportunities for young people to register (or pre-register) to vote, with forms for voters registration for 18+, and pre-registration & information for ages 16 - 18, public and community service encouragement for all ages, and fun, loud, and new rock music at great venues.
No alcohol / all ages /plenty of ROCK to Rock the Vote With !!!!

For more information contact 1308 Productions at 305-652-8900.

1308 Productions, Inc. is organized as a Florida non-profit corporation.

Zap said...

1308 shows have been amazing!

rockermb said...

1308 Productions is planning another show!!! we all need to plan to BE THERE !!!!

Contact for more info:
Rock1308Prod @