Friday, January 16, 2009

George Van Orsdel comes through huge!!!

George Van Orsdel, the singer of the Van Orsdels (among many others in the past), was nice enough to send me a disc with loads of bands from South Florida's past as a contribution to documenting this great scene we love so dearly. Huge thanks to him for sending that out of the kindness of his heart without asking for money to cover postage and shipping (which I gladly would have paid). Expect some real gems from South Florida's past real soon...he also included this picture of the Cameo Theater marquee being prepared for a Dead Boys show in 1986. Again, George thanks so much for all your help and contributions...expect a full interview with George in the near future.

One other note of interest, I received a message from Dan Buddah asking if I had been able to find any of the following bands...a few I had but others not yet so if any of you reading this have anything of it, get in touch with me.

Ruptured Nun
Nuclear Beer
Pagan Faith
The Believers
Slap of Reality
Drunken Fish
The Hangmen
The Roidz
Bad Rep
The Trash Monkeys
Incadescent Rage
Rugged Edge
Nazi Satan


Aesop said...

George rules.

The South Florida Scene Past And Present said...

Definately does. Aesop Im gonna post a few of things you gave me in the next few days

Aesop said...

Right on.

tom said...

I noticed you;ve been looking for FWA. I don't know if this email is still current, but try . I'm sure Jesse would be happy to hook you up with his stuff.

Also, the band you're looking for is the "Trash Monkeys" not the "Thrash Monkeys"

karim said...

here's a link to the Pagan Faith 7" on 7inchpunk.

The South Florida Scene Past And Present said...

Thanks updated

Carlos said...

Hahaha wow, Dan Buddah, that's a name I haven't heard in ages.

- C2

premo-vs.-the world said...

Well, I have all tyhe Meatlocker and I believe ALL of The Roidz stuff. I would really like to get ahold of The Believers demos and POSTFACE tapes , cds , whatever... I can send you copies of the Meatlocker and The Roidz stuff.... Let me know.

Josh 'premo-vs-the world'

The South Florida Scene Past And Present said...

Premo, Hit me up at

Steele Grinder said...

For The Roidz go here--->

Jeano said...

You can kill two birds with one stone!
I was in both The Roidz and Ruptured Nun..
Lemme know what you need @

-Jeano Roid

John Kennedy said...

Hey! I used to sing for Nuclear Beer. We played 3-4 times a year untill our 20th anniversary show in Ybor City ended in a double stabbing and a good friend killed. I live in Tampa, spikey lives in Ft lauderdale, all the other members are scattered throughout the states. Still go to shows every now and again but dont play anymore. Its kinda hard to bounce back from playing a great show just to end the night holding your friends guts in waiting for paramedics to show up.

demo tapes said...

hey, i am looking for info on the band Slag. My good buddy was the drummer and i have the demo but he can't remember anything about it and i have no cover for it, just a tape.... Any info???

Dan Buddah said...

shit i would love to get a copy of that slag demo.