Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Timescape Zero

City: Miami
Type of Music: Hardcore
Years Active: 1992 - Present
Myspace or Website:

Alright so I posted this before but Adel 156 was nice enough to send me an actual copy so I could get a real good sounding rip of it. Huge thanks to him for his support in this cause. This is everything that was released by the band before the release of their last full length "Total War" on X-Ray Records. I scanned the back so you can see the tracklisting as well. Also Im including the link to the original post I did for the band which has a link to purchase "Total War". Again, huge thanks to Adel for helping me out

Timescape Zero - Everything Short of Total War

Link to the original post:


Kanaloa said...

Love this band back in the day

aldo said...

Woah! I remember this band. Timescape is amazing. I had lost this. This is like Christmas. Thanks!!!

Ali said...

Wasn't this band straight edge?