Thursday, January 29, 2009


City: Ft. Laudedale
Years Active: 1988 - Present
Type Of Music: Punk
Myspace or Website:

From the bands Myspace:

"RADIOBAGHDAD formed in 1988 with founding members, lester norris, chris goldbach, chris (paco) pabon on bass, and guitarist (now for wiskey and company) scott norman. later the band recruited ,just out of diapers 15 year old guitaris ,chris hawkinz, scott later left the band, lester took on guitar duties, but his guitar playing sounded like a "dead chicken" lester left around 1992 and the band got vocalist"garry messick ( i think thats how you spell it) from cool blue halo, the band went in a different direction only later to get lester back on vocals, and get goldbachs long time friend collapsing lungs guitaris pete gross, actually the time line may be wrong but fuck it,.,.any way the bands final line up was lester, gross, gordon, hawkins and goldbach, baghdad toured europe 3 times and the states once, but you see the band cant live with one another, there was always some shit going on, it was like a soap opera,anyway this is boring typing all this shit so look for shows and support all the bands mentioned and all the bands on my space and elswhere cheers"

You can order "665, The Neighbor Of The Beast" CD here:

You can order "Hooked On Ebonics" and "120 Years of Bakin" here:


Anonymous said...

Great band years ago. I don't think anyone in the band now is an original member.

Anonymous said...

Yea, whats up with that? I drove two hours back in 2009 or 2010 to see them play and I didn't see anyone I remeber? 665 rules!!!!

nick said...

Everybody's going way down!!

obert said...

see then is 1990's in Germany, most amazing band!! drunk crazies!!
this is NOT the same band touring in Germany now!!!

rob said...

Radiobaghdad went to shit once a few guys started playing with Rap/Metal icons? Collasping Lungs??? All the real punkers hated Collasping Lungs, thus Radiobaghdad lost a lot of clout..FACT!!