Thursday, March 5, 2009

My Mom Likes These Songs: A Compilation of Florida Ska, Punk, Hardcore, and Emo

Mr. Andrew Chadwick of Boxcar Records sent me a care package with a few of the records he has released. This is the first release on Boxcar Records which, at the time, was based out of Melbourne, Fl. Andrew said I could post this as a download even though he still sells it. He also said that if you like it and would be interested in purchasing a physical copy, you can order one for only $3 ppd if you mention the South Florida Music Scene blog ($6 ppd if you don't) when you paypal him. A very big thank you to him for allowing us to post this. Check out some of his other releases here: Boxcar Records on Myspace

You can paypal Andrew for a copy of the CD here:

My Mom Likes These Songs: A Compilation of Florida Ska, Punk, Hardcore, and Emo

1. Introduction
2. Against All Authority - Chelsea Baby
3. In Like Flynn - Go Away
4. The Spitvalves - Float
5. Denature - Reburn
6. Skif Dank - Paranoid
7. Slinky - Blind
8. Neurotic - Teenage Fuckup
9. Discount - Expected
10. Ethyl - Clouded
11. Greening - Against Their Will
12. Held - Overdue
13. The Holsteins - Nameless
14. The Leftovers - The Things We Do
15. Intermission with David Lee Beowulf
16. The Usuals - The Setup
17. Bobmshell - For Jane
18. Hot Water Music - Present
19. Less Than Jake - St. James Hotel
20. After All - Cherish
21. Shyster - College
22. My Pal Trigger - Where'd All The Good Guys Go?
23. Hobbledehoy - Quandry
24. Wolfdaddys - Galvanized
25. The Spitvalves - Skascraper
26. Powerdered Toast Man & The In Like Flynn Orchestra - I Love You!!!


franky said...

this is awesome, great blog. do you have any recordings of One Step Beyond on WVUM? I used to love that show in the mid to late 90's. It was the lifeblood of finding out about shows and band news.

whoswatchingit said...

can you please upload this somewhere please! and the 402 chaos comp too! and help me find omega man from tampa. alright im done.

Jesse Ramirez said...

I am looking for the My Pal Trigger - s/t cassette tracks which included a cover song of a J Geils Band track. I would prefer an original copy of the cassette, but mp3's will suffice. Anyone???