Monday, March 16, 2009


City: Hialeah
Type Of Music: Punk
Years Active: ???
Myspace or Website: n/a

Hello faithful. I apologize for the delay in updating but school has been hectic and I was down in Miami this past week. Today's update brings us 32forty. These guys really loved Jawbreaker and it shows on their releases. A great blend of clean sung vocals and pop guitar parts but still keeping that punk edge. Omar, the bass player, is going to write up a full bio for me but until then enjoy their EP and full length. The last track on the EP is them going around and talking to friends about the band in fast forward. Pretty funny stuff...they band also recorded a cover of the Jawbreakers' "Do You Still Hate Me", which Im waiting to get off the band. When I do, Ill post it.

32forty - Stories That Go Northwest

32forty - Hearts And Mirrors


Ceasetodream said...

I'll get my ass movng on that bio dude (as well as the JB cover)! Sorry about being such a slacker!!

The Burger Beast said...

Hmmmmm...seems familiar.

sharkiemckay said...

this was one of the first miami punk bands i saw live when i was kid...

i always thought them when i went to andrew's house of pain because his address is "3240"

Dave said...

I still have a tee shirt!

"Daddy, what's 3-2-4-0?"


"And Daddy"

"Yes, sweety?"

"What the $#@! are they doing?"

"Dancing, baby girl, dancing."

jessica said...

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