Saturday, September 5, 2009

The Second Coming...

So its been a while...yeah I know and acknowledge that. Its been harder and harder to track down music and such since many people are not being as helpful as Id liked or hoped so Im doing what I can. I just added an old Churchills comp as well as the 2 7 inches from the Holy Terrors and a live set so check those out. Im going to make a more conscious effort to update this regularly again, though the content may not be as comprehensive as Im getting to bands I really dont know much about. As always, I encourage you to get in touch if you have anything to contribute be it music, zines, flyers, etc. I also added a box on the right that allows you to post a link for the blog on Facebook and Twitter so please help me spread the word. Thanks to everyone who has left comments recently...Ill keep writing if you'll keep reading.


WD-HAN said...

Hey! We're a band in the Tampa area. We'd love to have a featured blog posting. Let us know what you'd need or want to do that! :)
(so you can listen to two new songs up from the EP!)

Rock on!

display name said...

Are you aware of the Can I Say shows at Cinema Paradiso? Lots of older more experienced fellows and ladies with lots of records to trade. Perhaps they'll have some material you don't, or information anyway?

Miami Harold said...

Yo i've been jammin the DNME demo alot lately, not giving myself props or anything but that shit is ill Jeremy S. did a hell of a job on that recording, way way better than the LP!

I also have a few OUT OF SPITE songs that never got released plus 2 re-recorded songs from the wack 1st demo, all that was supposed to come out as a discography on Roundhose Recs but for some reason the lable folded.
Holler if you want any of those!