Friday, February 22, 2008


City: Miami
Years Active: 1997 - 2002
Type of Music: Hardcore
Myspace or Website: n/a

Along with Morning Again, Destro carried the torch for straight edge hardcore in the late 90s. The songs were very fast and melodic with vocals that had been compared to Karl from Earth Crisis. Members went on to or played in Until the End, Where Fear And Weapons Meet, Glasseater, All Hell Breaks Loose, Dance Floor Justice, and Promise No Tomorrow. If you are interested in ordering a copy of either record, send an email to

Destro - The Accuracy of Broken Whispers

Destro - Lost, Lonely, Broken...And That's Just The Beginning

Destro - Demo

Destro - Demo 2


Anonymous said...

I really took Destro for granted. It seems like they were always on the bill and usually went on first so I rarely caught them. It wasn't until later on that I really got into them but, it was too late.

Chad Edge said...

Damn, I just got into my storage unit ($60/mo for six years!) in Ft Myers - found 200+ CD's and tapes and 7"s I collected while living in SW Florida.
So many good shows in Miami - that takeover at (I think it was Churchill's?) that one bar with Destro, and WFAWM, etc.
So much good music brought back to Seattle - I've been ripping cd's all night and day. This site will help my ass so much with filling in the blanks!

Anonymous said...