Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Promise No Tomorrow

City: Miami
Years Active: 1995 - 1998
Type Of Music: Metal
Myspace or Website: http://www.myspace.com/promisenotomorrow

Promise No Tomorrow went through numerous lineup changes and names before settling on PNT and released this split with An Acre Lost (Poison The Well) on OHEV Records. Members went on to Adore Miridia, Glasseater, Dance Floor Justice, and To The Bitter End. Had they been from another state, I always felt they would have done so much better as a band. Great record and a great listen after all these years.



coriander cassettes said...

who from adore miridia was in promise no tomorrow?

The South Florida Scene Past And Present said...

Lowell, the singer from Promise No Tomorrow sang for Adore Miridia

coriander cassettes said...

yeah, i knew lowell sang for adore miridia, but i did not know of any other bands he sang for.

The South Florida Scene Past And Present said...

He also sang in a band called xReaching Outx before both of these with members of Bird Of Ill Omen. They recorded but I dont think they ever finished vocals.