Wednesday, February 13, 2008

What Wishes Can't Mend

City: West Palm Beach
Years Active: 1998 - 2004
Type Of Music: Metal
Myspace or Website:

From the ashes of Domain (with some lineup changes mainly the introduction of new lead singer Corey Digiacomo) came What Wishes Can't Mend in 1998 based out of West Palm Beach. They played a furious blend of emotional metal and hardcore comparable to those of the signature Florida metalcore sound that would soon become popular with the likes of Poison the Well and Remembering Never yet never incorporating overly redundant chugging mosh parts. Instead they favored a noisier approach to being heavy, loud and melodic. Unfortunately, they never really got the recognition a lot of people felt they deserved because of their lack of ability to tour due to Corey's various complicated medical conditions. That's not to say they never toured, just never too extensively. Around 2002 the band went on hiatus while Corey was treated for a medical illness. During this time, the band played a handful of karaoke shows (where the audience was provided the opportunity to be the lead singer) while Corey recovered. Making a comeback in 2003, WWCM reentered the local scene in full effect but it was bittersweet as in the summer of 2004, the band members started to encounter a plethora of personal issues which eventually lead to the band breaking up. They played a giant reunion show of sorts in 2005 at the Alley in Miami with Tyranny of Shaw, Pygmy, and Adore Miridia.

The most consistent lineup for the band:

Corey Digiacomo - vocals
Mike D'impero - bass
Phil Pinto - drums
Mark-Anthony Young - guitars
Ross Yabut - guitars


Phil also played drums in south Florida metal band Cyst and once in a blue moon can be seen playing keyboards for the noise insanity that is the Howmba Sowmba (Chris Digiacomo's solo slaughterhouse). Mark-Anthony had a solo project for a while, but I can't remember the name of it. Eric Burns went on to form doom/sludge metal band Entropy after the break up of WWCM and prior to WWCM, he was in the noisegrind band Red Rocket Fiasco. Corey Digiacomo eventually moved to California, where he eventually co-developed a record label with his younger brother Chris who still lives in Florida called Makeshift Origami Records ( putting out the likes of Entropy (Eric Burns post-WWCM project), Capsule (ex-a ton of south florida hardcore/punk bands), Consular (Miami sludge warriors) and many more.

Love Is A Biased Word

Rarities And Demos: a collection of their two demo tapes (unsure of which tracks belonged to which tape). the demo version of "may the sun never rise again" features dan from cyst on assisting vocals. also, a little interesting fact, may the sun never rise again was also released on an unofficial split cd with remembering never in order to help promote the release of remembering never's debut album. what wishes cant mend was unaware that remembering never even made the split cds that were passed around as promos at shows if my knowledge serves me correctly.

The Courtesy Of Vultures: (self released recording of their last four songs - one of which includes the introduction of short lived guitarist eric burns to the lineup - hand assembled, screen printed and numbered out of 94)

You can also order their full length "Insomniac Diaries" from Very Distro here:

All info written by Joe.


coriander cassettes said...

i noticed in the archives, there are band name links that directly place to that section of your blog, but in the place of what wishes cant mend it has city: west palm on, anyway that can be fixed?

The South Florida Scene Past And Present said...

Fixed. Thanks for noticing that

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BTL said...

I like your blog, dude. I noticed it because I just googled my old band (The Red Rocket Fiasco) to see what happened, and I saw that you had Eric Burns and Rocket mentioned in this post. I was wondering if you still had contact with any of these guys, because after Rocket broke up I sort of fell of the planet for a while as far as the SoFla scene goes. Keep up the posting!

xJimmy Twostepx said...

hey since verydistro is out of business, do you think you could put them album up on mediafire? either way is cool \m/