Monday, February 23, 2009


City: Tampa (I think)
Type Of Music: Hardcore/Punk
Years Active: 1988 - ???
Myspace or Website: n/a

Justin from Thunder Lizard sent this to me to post. I remember my friend Old School John having this record but I honestly know nothing about the band. This was released in 1989 and is really melodic. Definately had a real good sound. If anyone has info, theyd like to pass, please do. Great record and worth checking out

Awake! - Beliefs


jimmybuttons said...
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jimmybuttons said...

such a great record! i own a copy, but never knew much more about the band. always wished to hear an album, tape, or something else from this band!!


Anonymous said...

awake at the cuban club

dain said...

Great Tampa band! I have this 7", dang, that youtube video is down

Anonymous said...

i have this 7" it rules. not your typical hardcore/punk. i would say if you like ALL, it'd be a good band to check out. wish i coulda seen them live.

Anonymous said...

This band was very big in Tampa at this time. They were great. There was a demo called "Tables Turn" that preceded this release. And at one point there was a soundboard tape from a Miami show where they opened up for Youth Of Today being circulated. It sounded great. Later on, one of the guitarists quit. They recorded a few songs as a four piece that were never officially released and quite a bit more metal sounding. I believe the band left the singer and did a demo under another name, but it wasn't as good. Anyway, all of this stuff is nearly impossible to find now (I've tried).
The singer went on to play with Clair-Mel and the guitarist went on to play with End Of The Century Party. The drummer used to play for Nasty Savage. The singer for Assuck drew the cover for this EP.

jimmybuttons said...

never knew all of those connections, thanx for the infos!

Miami Harold said...

I got to see this band open up for AGNOSTIC FRONT back in 90! at the Thrashcan in Miami Beach! MEAT LOCKER also played, one of my all time favorite shows!!

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Anonymous said...

The guitar player ended up in a band in 2007 called Abandoned Vehicles which sounds more like a post-punk band with Echo influences.

-MisER Line