Thursday, February 5, 2009

Cell 63

City: Miami
Years Active: 1992 - 1995
Type Of Music: Punk
Myspace or Website: n/a

Bio courtesy of George Van Orsdel:

"CELL 63 was formed in 1992 by Rob Coe (singer/guitarist), George Graquitena (drums), William Trev (bass) and David O. (guitar). Rob Coe had just come off the heels of his former band The NAUGHTY PURITANS (where he went by the stage name of Johnny Dallas), and George had previously played locally with bands such as JOBBERNOWL and The F-BOYZ.
CELL 63 had a very distinct sound, but was very reminiscent of the Minneapolis sound of the eighties, with such bands as The Replacements, Husker Du, Soul Asylum, as well as Florida artists Charlie Pickett and the Psycho Daisies,among many others. The band started playing locally in the Miami area, starting with their first show at Uncle Sam's Musicafe on South Beach. They immediately became a staple in the Miami local music scene, and soon after began working on their first self-titled debut CD "CELL 63".
The band quickly gained fans and recognition, from citations in "South Florida Magazine" (for best local artists) to articles in The New Times. The band was also featured on 2 local cd compilations, the Churchill's Hideaway CD "Music Generated by Geographical Confusion and Beer", and the Washington Square comp CD "Live At The Square II", as well as being a featured band at the 'Miami Rocks II" live music conference.
In 1993, William Trev quit the band to join the Holy Terrors and Cell 63 was found with having to find a replacement. After numerous bass players, the band finally found one, Peter Tassler from local Miami band The Shruggs.
The band started branching out of Miami, playing shows around the state, and opening up for such national acts as Reverend Horton Heat, The Genitorturers, The Nixons and many others.
In 1994, the band decided to record their second cd, "Once Upon A Drunk...". During recording however, Peter left the band and was replaced by Matt Peters, who formally played drums for Melbourne band The SCOOBIE DOOS. "Once Upon A Drunk...", which was released later that year, received great reviews, locally and nationally, garnering the band an excellent write-up in CMJ magazine as well as other publications, and offering them the opportunity to be featured on a 30 minute South Florida TV show called "MUSIC X".
The band eventually broke up in 1995, shortly after their U.S. East Coast tour, citing musical and personal differences. They all went their separate ways, except for Rob and George, who went on to form FAY WRAY with Tony Roche (bassist for local Miami band QUIT) and singer Jeff London, who lived in Gainesville.
Rob Coe is currently the mastermind behind the band The ENABLERS, and George is the vocalist for South Florida psychobilly band The VAN ORSDELS. Matt Peters moved back to Melbourne, FL and now owns his own asphalt paving company. David O. settled down to the family life."

Heres an article on the band that was written by the Miami New Times:

Cell 63 - Self Titled

Cell 63 - Once Upon A Drunk


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amazing post. loved QUIT, but never heard of this band before! really into it.

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rob where u at?????? great school teacher
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where are you robocoe?

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I bought "Once Upon a Drunk" after seeing them play Gainesville in 95/96.. my CD is long gone, and this post has a megaupload (R.I.P.) link - does anyone have a link I could dl this from?