Wednesday, July 28, 2010

La Vieja Guardia (L.V.G) S/T

La Vieja Guardia (L.V.G)

L.V.G recently broke up but luckily they released a Self Titled CD on I SCREAM Records. L.V.G was a 90's style hardcore band with a Spanish lyrical point of view of the Miami Cuban. Members of Burning Strong, DNME, MEHKAGO N.T. and SPEAK. They had that 90's "revival" sound but kept it pretty original. I personally think they were one of the best Miami Hardcore bands... Not only does my hair stick up every time I listen to them but seeing them live truly brought me back in time. This band was full of energy and nothing but heart.

This is the only release by this band… Wish I could have heard more.

L.V.G self titled album

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