Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Insist (Damien Moyal from Culture) Practice Demo

Not a lot of information on this one, but Damien sent it to me and said it was a practice demo from his 2nd band. This is back from 1992.

Insist - Practice Demo


prahlad said...
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DEZAKATO said...

Brazil band ! We passed by here!

Anonymous said...

It's sad when people fudge with dates to seem old school. There was no way Damien was recording this (or even in his first band) when bands like Machine, Timescape Zero or Mindframe hadn't even formed yet.

DYNAMA said...

Check out Dynama for a killer Local south florida band.

Anonymous said...

Could someone please list a few clubs known for good punk shows in South Florida? I'm new to the state, and miss a good punk show. Thanks in advance!

born too loose said...

hey i've always read your music blog and i wanted to start something kind of like it check it out and let me know what you think

Damien Moyal said...

Dear Anonymous,

I was in fact in this band in mid-late 1992, homie.

In 1993 I was in two short-lived bands, REACH (with members of Insist and ORGANIZED PAIN) and Handoverfist, eventually joining CULTURE in early 1994.

Furthermore, Timescape Zero was not only already formed, but had released their demo in 1991. Machine was also well underway, releasing 7"s in 1992.

ncastillo said...

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nicole said...

WINNINGGGG!!! Are we still saying that now? In any case, like the Sheen says, but still need your votes to get those
In The Heights tickets for the Miami show. Please vote, often, I'll be forever grateful.
Thanks so much all! :D

Bill C. said...

I have a band you should check out. Love your blog!

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Anonymous said...

Yo anonymous ...this tape was recored on a shitty handheld cassette recorder hanging from a janky ceiling fan in my house in 1992. That's a fact shout out to Bobby Load R.I.P.

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