Thursday, December 4, 2008

Flame Still Burns

City: Naples
Years Active: 2001 - 2003
Type of Music: Hardcore
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From the Thinkfast Records website:

"Flame Still Burns was formed in late 2001, in a Florida scene that didn't typically accept the fast, youth crew style hardcore that fueled them. The band practiced and wrote songs one morning, then headed to the studio that night to record their appropriately titled "Edge" demo. Soon after, with a similar writing and recording style, they went back into the studio and recorded songs for a split 7" with California's Diehard Youth for Think Fast!. Up until the band's break up in 2003, they played with bands such as Where Fear And Weapons Meet, Outbreak, Kill Your Idols, In Control, The First Step, and Far From Breaking."

Members went on to or were previously in: Make or Break, Esteem, Team Effort, No Harm Done

Flame Still Burns - Edge 2001 Demo

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xJonx said...

WE DONT NEED A FUCKIN CREW!!!!! hahaha. such memories.