Thursday, December 11, 2008

Pink Lincolns

City: Tampa
Years Active: 1986 - Present
Type Of Music: Punk
Myspace or Website:

From the Punk Lincolns Website:

Formed in the streets of Tampa, Florida during the mid-eighties, the Pink Lincolns crawled their way up through the punk world. With four studio albums, a multitude of singles and compilation work under their belt, their sound is built on a combination of technical ability, spit-in-your-face sincerity, and good 'ol fashioned punk rock angst. The snotty growl of vocalist Chris Barrows layered over Dorsey Martin's masterful guitar work and a hard-hitting rhythm section makes for a great high-energy listening experience. The Pink Lincolns' live shows are an exemplary event of sneering and sarcastic wit paired with wailing guitars and driving beats. With new studio and live albums looming on the horizon, the Pink Lincolns are again ready to bring their special blend of punk and mayhem to the masses."

You can still order many of the Pink Lincolns releases here:

as well as here:

You can also check out the Pink Lincolns track from the "Welcome To Florida..." compilation here:

Pink Lincolns - Pure Swank

Pink Lincolns - Sumo Fumes I


toxik boys said...

great post!, thanks a lot!

Anonymous said...

They actually have a few represses/remasters out now as well.
They are on a new label called Jailhouse! Records. Still very active band!

johnnie said...

have any other pink lincolns releases?