Sunday, May 25, 2008

In search of the following

In my continued search to stay on top of my game, I am constantly (and I am 100% serious) searching for more music to add to the blog. Being that I am not in South Florida currently its somewhat difficult to acquire more music so here's a list of some bands that have been requested and that I do not currently have. If anyone has anything from them, please get in touch. I've also spoken to some of the members of some of the bands posted and I want to thank them for being so cool with me posting their music. While some of the members may not realize it, they were very instrumental in shaping the South Florida scene and for that I thank them.

The Poopy Pants
Dan's Army
Donut Run
Chocolate Grasshopper
The Believers
Dead Patriot
Icthus (sp)
Night of Broken Glass
Going Nowhere
Foolproof (demo)
The Lab Rats
Pin Kai
There's more but this just off the top of my head. I have some great stuff lined up this week so expect a new post Monday or Tuesday. Also very big thanks to Roy and Mark Clap for helping me track down some of this music.


Blake Mallonee said...

What about that old band Hudson? I think they had an album called "big deal". I wonder if you can get a hold of that record.

The South Florida Scene Past And Present said...

Hey Blake
I am currently looking for it actually. The person I thought who might have it does not but I'm working on it. Keep checking back and hopefully ill get my hands on it soon. Thanks.

Blake Mallonee said...

sounds good. thanks. I'm looking forward to donut run!

Spickler said...


billy white said...

Dan's Army and Poopy Pants are so fucking significant! I'd love to hear Dan's Army's cover of Propagandhi's This Might be Satire just one more time!


billy white said...

Two bands I'd like to hear again that quickly come to mind, I'm not sure if you've addressed them in earlier posts, but I'll find out:

The Gestalt Project

anthony aka TWONE said...

hey chip, its anthony from the alley and around the way. I got the going nowhere cd and the front row center demo. i also got pointless' demos with johnny. hit me up.

The South Florida Scene Past And Present said...

Yo Anthony its Chip. Shoot me an email at and lets talk my man

Abel F. said...

I can help you with the Lab Rats and Pin Kai, as well as a couple more!

veganboyjosh said...

i know this post is coming up on 3 years old, but came across your blog just now looking for the "Welcome to Florida" 7" comp, and saw this post.

did you ever have any luck tracking down any Donut Run? their song on the Punk? comp was amazing and it's really a sad thing if that's all they ever did...

can't wait to dig in some more...thanks!

Dan Heisel said...

I used to play drums in Donut Run/Pivot around '96-'97. I just uploaded an old show from the Old School House in Vero. Have a look.

Part 1

Part 2

I wish that I could give more history on the band, but I joined after the original drummer left.

K Theresa Watt said...

I also have been on the hunt for the Dan's Army Cd that had the song "Frog Toss" on it. I lost it when I moved at some point and haven't been able to buy another one. If someone could send me an email with info for it, it would be greatly appreciated.

Theresa :)