Saturday, May 24, 2008


City: Pompano Beach
Years Active: 1994 - 1998 (roughly)
Type of Music: Emo-core
Myspace or Website: n/a

I'd love to write a long thing about Roosevelt...but to be honest I dont know much about them. I can't remember if I ever saw them or not but I do love their recordings. They do the Midwest Emo-core Split Lip sound and they did it real well. They released a demo as Platform (Im 99.9% sure they turned into Roosevelt, correct me if Im wrong), changed their name to Roosevelt and released a split with Culture and a 7 inch on Boxcar Records. members of Roosevelt went on to Culture and As Friends Rust. If anyone has anymore info, please pass it on so I can add it. Thanks

Roosevelt - Self Titled 7 Inch

Roosevelt's track from their split with Culture

Platform - Demo


joe o said...

for some reason after i download the roosevelt side of the split mp3 and the red roses 7" side as a zip, neither one of them downloads properly on my computer. can you re-up or email me them?

The South Florida Scene Past And Present said...

Strange. I'm getting back into town this afternoon so ill check and see why. If not, comment back with your email address and ill send it to you.

Anonymous said...

Both Platform and Roosevelt were from West Palm Beach not Pompano Beach

Anonymous said...

I was the singer for Platform and Roosevelt. We were actually from Palm Beach Gardens. I wouldn't say that Platform turned into Roosevelt. Though Roosevelt had 3 members from Platform. But I think the styles are much different. Roosevelt also put out a demo tape in 1994. That was recorded about 3 months after we formed the band. I also a live Platform tape from 1994 we songs that never got recorded and some cover songs ,too. Any Thanks for doing this site It was cool going down memory lane. Now, Im going to see if there is any Murrychesstoes on here. Thanks Tim

Anonymous said...

You can go to there's only one truth blog and download the Roosevelt demo and other south Florida demos

Anonymous said...

I have a recording of the first Culture show.recorded at the foundation on west palm beach with mark on vocals . They played with Platform and Tension. I also have a recording of the Platform set.