Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Crumbs - I Fell In Love With An Alien Girl

City: Miami
Years Active: 1992 - Present
Type of Music: Punk
Myspace or Website: http://www.myspace.com/thecrumbs

I just want to make it clear that I will do a full Crumbs post but this was a special request.

Taken from the Crumbs Myspace page:

In the beginning I had known Emil since the days of downtown skateboarding and from the crazy hardcore shows at the Cameo Theatre during the late 80s. When those venues shut down, so did many of the bands that played there: Circle Jerks, Gangreen, Bad Brains, Government Issue, straightedge, skinheads, and the whole crossover thing. That entire scene was gone when we entered the 90s. For us, however, it was the beginning of a new era. There were no more twenty dollar punk shows. In a way it was a blessing, because if we wanted to do anything, it was up to us. When we did our first demo back in 92, the rocknroll scene in South Florida was beginning to take on a real cool vibe. I had started to play guitar when I met Johnny. That same year, I met Chuck Loose, with his raggedy old drum set. I handed Emil a one-string bass that I had, and shortly after, Johnny joined us for what was to be the Crumbs. We rehearsed anywhere we could find an electrical outlet. Even at a stripmall at midnight, before the dumbfounded security guard chased us out. Once Chuck set up Garageland, the Crumbs started practicing there and later became like, the house band there, playing every weekend to a packed house of kids who didnt have anywhere else to drink and hellraise. Those were our first shows, and along with other locals (Against all Authority, Beltones), we had now the coolest and raunchiest of rocknroll scenes away from the sleazy promoters and trendy venues. Then it was time to leave home. Setting up national tours was a head splitting adventure. We must have played every little shithole in the U.S. Some hard luck on the road set us back but we met some worthy people along the way. And in no time we had our first record Alien Girl released in 1993 with Recess of L.A. And Shortly after a few more with Far Out, Lookout, Recess, TKO, and Insubordination. It is more than sixteen years later now (2008) and the release of 'Dade County Trash' with Insubordination in 2008 made me realize how fast time goes by. Not to forget memorable tours with FYP, the Queers, Swingin Utters, Donnas, and our very patient roadies Dan Destructo and Armando. The line up hasnt been this strong in years. With the crafty Tono on bass now, Grim with the relentless beat, and Johnnys buzz-saw guitar, weve been able to keep active and remain doing what we like to do most: drinking...no! seriously, getting on stage and letting loose. -Raf Classic-

The Crumbs - I Fell In Love With An Alien Girl


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