Tuesday, November 18, 2008


City: Miami
Years Active: 1994 - 1997
Type of Music: Emo
Myspace or Website: http://www.myspace.com/nobuhjest

From the Nobuhjest Myspace:

"Started through an ad placed at yesterday and today records (Miami, Florida) in '94.
Played their first show at the local college to a huge group of high school truants
Drove to Gainesville, FL the next day with friends, WAS, to play their second show at the Megarock Arena with Tampa's End of The Century Party and Gainesville's Fried Christ.
Joined the Smoothlips records outlaws who released first 7" later that year which was recorded at Tapeworm studios by Jeremy Dubois
Began performing outside of Miami more often at some great venues like Ft. Pierce's Old Schoolhouse where they met Vero's Discount and Tampa's My Pal Trigger.
Went on their first mini-tour with My Pal Trigger. The bands went as far as Wilmington, North Carolina
Began performing alongside some great touring bands such as Lifetime, Garden Variety, The Van Pelt, Braid, Castor, Rye Coalition, Karate, Cursive, Traluma, Kerosene 454, later touring with State College's Ethel Meserve, and with Piebald and Cave In during thier last trek out.
throughout this time a few other records featuring :nobuhjest: were released
A split 7" w/ Chicago's Traluma (smooth lips records)
A track called "Fuse" for the Bottlenekk Distribution's Sampler CD (Bottlenekk Distro)
"Define and Direct" on "The Eagle has Landed" 2x12" (Tranquility Base)
A 4 way split 7" with Miami's Gemma, Lawrence, KS' Proudentall and Teresa Undefined on Fragil Records out of Gainesville, FL
played their last show at Power Studios in Miami, FL
parted ways in late '97. "

Members of the band went on to the following bands:
Foreign Bodies
Map of the Universe

Nobuhjest - Self Titled on Smooth Lips Records



gaba said...

really? EMO?
I loved this band so much.

The South Florida Scene Past And Present said...

Not what I would have picked either but this is what was listed on their Myspace

poison catfish said...

hands down one of the best bands from Miami.

Robbie said...

Not mentioned is that each 7" had different artwork created by a variety of people. mine was covered in glass cut in various shapes. still have it. great band.

Mike Alen used to be in Lift which had a song on the far out record comp found on this blog.

Mike later went on to start the secret service.

As for Yesterday and Today - the place only closed its first incantation in 94. it reopened a block away but closed in around 96. reopened again near US1 with limited hours sharing a space with some other group but closed again. It was then briefly run out of a house. was it timmy or buddha who ran it out of the house? can't recall. the house was near coconut grove.

i love this blog, by the way. i hope someone comes up with some los canadians video.

Lost iZine said...

any chance for reupload???