Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Outrights

City: Fort Laudedale
Years Active: 1994 - 2000
Type of Music: Punk
Myspace or Website:

Taken from the Outrights Myspace:

"If memory serves me right, the Outrights existed from roughly 1994 - 2000. In that time, the Outrights released 2 full length CDs, a 7", and a couple of comp tracks on various south florida labels. We managed two US tours during high school, taking us to far-off lands like Chicago, which is about as far as Istanbul to a 16 year old kid from Florida.

We played locally at Cheers and Respectable Street and Club Q and Happy Daze, with local bands like the Schmendricks, Side Order, The Crumbs, Against All Authority, Hudson, Project Winston, the Vacant Andys, and A New Found Glory. Some idiot promoters also put us on stage with national acts like Guttermouth, MTX, The Beatnik Termites, Discount, and the Teen Idols.

We probably hit our peak at age 17, more-or-less living in a dirty warehouse in Pompano Beach where we drank far too much, watched Johnny swing from the rafters, and manged to write the second record.

Marco Argiro - Guitar/Vocals
Now Playing with THE MOOD in NYC

Chad Voight - Drums
Now Playing with BAD WIZARD in NYC

Travis Woods - Bass
Now digging ditches for pennies"

Also if memory serves Andrew who played in Poison the Well, Drowningman, and The Distance also played in the Outrights.

The Outrights - Its The Attack of The Outrights

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