Saturday, March 29, 2008


City: Ft. Lauderdale, then Gainesville
Years Active: 1993 - 1998
Type of Music: Hardcore
Myspace or Website:

Culture is where the legend of Damien Moyal began. He would later join other bands and the legend would continue but this is where it began. Culture started in Ft. Lauderdale and to my knowledge were the first Vegan Straight Edge band in South Florida. After 1995 or 96, they very rarely played South Florida so I only saw them a few times but they were awesome. Damien really knew how to work a crowd. While the band was never huge in the US, they were like gods in Europe. If you get a chance, check out the Culture Myspace which is run by an awesome guy named Alex. He has loads of information including band member timelines and pictures of old merch so take the time and check it out. Members were in and went on to As Friends Rust, Shai Hulud, Bird of Ill Omen, Bridgeburne R, Morning Again, Blood Has Been Shed, Terror, One Nation Under, Salem, Where Fear and Weapons Meet, Night of Broken Glass, Until the End and Trust No One.

Culture - Demo

Culture - Born Of You

Culture - Split with Roosevelt

Culture - their track from the Ceremony of Fire comp

Culture - Deforestation

Culture - Mike Warden Can Suck It (aka Re-Born Of You)

Culture - Split with Kindred

Culture - Heteronome

Culture - Live in Berlin 1998


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