Friday, March 21, 2008

Shai Hulud

City: Pompano Beach and Poughkeepsie, NY
Years Active: 1995 - Present
Type Of Music: Hardcore
Myspace or Website:

Shai Hulud was a band that when I heard the name I said "Are they Hare Krishnas?". I can remember my friend coming back from seeing them and saying "You got to hear this band Shai Hulud...they have a kid singing for them who's 14 and he's got this voice...". I had to hear it for myself and was blown away by the mighty mite Chad, at the young age of 14. Chad quit to pursue New Found Glory and the unit eventually moved to NY for touring purposes. One of my all time favorite bands and still a great live act. All of their material can still be purchased through Revelation Records and they will be releasing a new record on Metal Blade in May. Also, this is another band that Damien Moyal was a part of. Their demo is by far one of my all time favorite recordings of any band ever. If you like his vocals in Morning Again, then you will love this. The 6 song demo appears on the Comprehensive Retrospect record.

You can order all of their recordings here:


C2 said...

That split with Indecision was one of my all time faves. I still listen to it on the regular.

Anonymous said...

what about the songs from that first 7inch where they cover the metallica song?

Shanetera said...

They cover Damage Inc.
And they also had a rad split with Another Victim after Chad left and Geert first joined.