Friday, August 8, 2008

No Posts For 2 Weeks

Hola faithful
Im heading down to Miami tomorrow and will not be back for just under 2 weeks, so what does that mean? No posts til the end of August. But when I get back, I should have plenty of new (well new for me and the blog) to post. If anyone has any requests for something please let me know by either commenting here or email me. Im gonna hit the record stores as well as friends records and demos so hopefully Ill come across some good stuff. Thanks for all the support.


Abel F. said...

Hey pally-o, when we gonna see some Trash Monkeys, Morbid Opera, Gay Cowboys in Bondage, Lethal Yellow, Charlie Pickett and the Eggs, The Eat, Disney Violence, Secret Service, The Basicks, The Outrights, Boneheads, Failure Face, Knumbskulls, and so on and on?! Plenty of good shit in this state!!!

The South Florida Scene Past And Present said...

Abel I was trying to get in touch with you. Email me at
I got some questions for you