Thursday, August 28, 2008

Side Order / The Schmendriks Split

City: Coral Springs
Type of Music: Punk
Years Active: ???
Myspace or Website: n/a

I know I saw both bands but I dont remember much about them. Side Order did feature future members of Poison the Well but thats about all I can recall. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Either way, a solid split of punk rock.

Side Order's side of the split:

The Schmendriks side of the split:


ToE KnEe JeAn said...

Wow, this blog brings back some freaking good times & music. I used to play in a band called Milf and frequented with many of the bands on your site. After sifting through memory, a box of old flyers and Club Q calendars from the INK (still in publication?), I know we played with the Schmendriks a couple times in '97. They always put on a good show! Pretty positive they disbanded late '97/early '98. I wanna say Side Order disbanded before that.

On a separate note, I noticed in another entry you were looking for info on a bunch of bands, including Dan's Army. Don't think I have any recordings, but I do have their Friday the 13th, 1998 debut flyer... coincidentally, we played that show. Let me know if you might want a copy for the site.

Shawn said...

side order were of the best!

Anonymous said...

Side Order was from Ft. Lauderdale and Plantation. They played a TON of shows! Pretty much played with everyone including Discount, Inquisition, Vacant Andys, etc. Lots of early shows at Echo Records, of course Cheers, and all the random places that seemed to be open for 5 minutes. i.e. the Cove in Hollywood, etc.

Kev said...

I was in The Schmendriks and it was one of the greatest periods of my life. We played lots of shows with Side Order. Many a drunken night was spent at Owen's house in Ft. Lauderdale on account of his parents were never home. In the Schmendriks, Ryan (drums) went on to play in Dan's Army, Dr. Evil, and, is still playing with the Nag Champayons. Aaron (Bass/vocals) and Kev (guistar/vocals) started briefly playing with Owen and Chuck Loose in the Heatseekers, but moved on before Owen really got the band off the ground. Aaron moved to Cleveland and is currently in D.C. with Jenn to get his PhD in history. He still skates like a fucking pro. Kev started playing acoustic shows, recorded (but never released) a full length, and got married, had kids, and moved to Wilmington, NC, still trying to practice enough to play out again.

Dave Sex Appeal said...

...and I, Dave Sex Appeal, the bass player for Side Order...proceeded to get drunk. On a more serious note, it was slightly past the midway point in our band before we hooked up w/ the Schmendricks...once we connected though, we became sister acts in a way; you could pretty much assume that if you were catching one of our bands, you'de see both. Aside from kev, Aaron, and Ryan being great guys, I believe what really brought us together was the changing scene. Local punk had gone downhill far since the early days of Side Order, which included shows with Hudson, Against All Athority, The Crumbs, etc... Hell, the local punk scene was strong enough for a crappy band like us to open for Desmond Dekker&the Skatellites up at the Respectable Street Cafe on Miami Beach. Anyway, South Florida was moving toward hardcore almost exclusively (not counting the ska fad), and we got together because there wasn't much else of a local scene...shortly before us hooking up, most of our shows began to include north/central fl bands like Less Than Jake. Damn shame Far Out Records folded.

Anonymous said...

i still recall side order's first show. it was at echo records and they just played the same weezer cover "undone the sweater song" over and over.

Ryski said...

Ryan of The Schemndriks here...
This record was a triumph for both bands as was for our little scene... ZANZABARBARIAN RECORDS! True Broward DIY!!!

Anyone remember me getting tased onstage at Club Q? What other punk band could take a straight 200,000 volt shot to the ass?! The Schmendriks and Side Order ruled the local scene...

Looking for info on Dans Army?
Line up was
Wendy Fenech - vox
Nick Montecalvo (Side Order) guitar
Ryan Cacolici (Schmendriks) drums
Joey Ochoa (Poopy Pants) bass #1
Brian Collaro (Milf) bass #2

Formed in 98 and dissolved in 2000
played some pretty epic shows while growing some equally epic neck beards (with the exception of Wendy.)


I hope you all still blast your music and scream along in the car. Never grow up!

Kathe Cohagen said...

I had a backyard show in Hollywood- 25th block of Cleveland street to be exact. From my memory- the following bands played: Side Order, the Schmendriks, Poopy Pants, and The Outrights. My dad had an analog recording studio located at the backside of our house. This show jumpstarted a busy time in his life recording music he never thought he'd understand. We had a great turn out to the show- not to mention we fed everyone that showed up faygo, burgers, and bags o' tater chips. The dude that made all happen was the drummer from The Outrights- Chad Voight- who now runs a drum studio up in Gainesville. I'm wondering if anyone from the Schmendricks or Side Order remembers the studio or this show for that matter.

Anonymous said...

Yes! This record was recorded at your dad's studio as a matter of fact...He gave us a tour during that show and we asked if he'd let us ruin his reputation...he said 'yes' - hell of a guy! Even let us use some pirated "Blues Brothers" samples throughout the split.

an aging Schmendrik