Monday, September 1, 2008

Vacant Andys - Spork

City: Boca Raton
Type Of Music: Aggressive Indie Rock
Years Active: 1991 - 1998 (roughly)
Myspace or Website:

Adding to what I wrote back in June, the Spork tape was recorded when the band was a 5 piece. The band included all the members that would record the later 7 inches as well as Chuck Gleek. This tape was recorded in 1995 and really got them attention in South Florida. There was a big controversy that the first time Blink182 played South Florida, they played with Vacant Andys and "stole" a riff from them which they would later use. From what I remember hearing, it was from the song "Spork". If anyone has info on this, please confirm for me.

Vacant Andys will always be remembered as one of the first times that Chris Carrabba (Dashboard Confessional) took center stage. What they should be remembered for is making great music which is what they did. All superior musicians, the band on stage was so much fun. John Owens knew how to talk to a crowd even if he was making jokes a good portion of the time. The Bonebrake brothers on bass and drums rounded out the band. Their style of melodic indie rock did have an aggressive and punk edge to it and you could usually count on a cover of Inside Out's "Burning Fight" or Quicksand "Thorn In My Side". This is yet another occasion where I truly feel they never got their due and broke up before they should have. Im hoping that someday someone will release all of their early material on one disc. Members went on Anchorman, Dashboard Confessional, Seville, The Agency, Further Seems Forever, Where Fear and Weapons Meet, and The Enablers.

Vacant Andys - Spork


Zac wolf said...

I probably have told you this before but "chuck gleek" is now the head of a history department at a certain prep school in broward county. He is a great teacher from what I hear.

Laura said...

I'm looking for some music from bands I enjoyed in South Florida back in the day (early 90's) and I was wondering if you could help. My favorite was/is dragonfly/ Mother Nature but I know how to get their stuff. I was looking for Alligator Alley, Skylar, and Idol Threat specifically. Can you assist with any of that or do you know where else I can look for assistance? Thanks.

june! said...

re-upload it please