Thursday, September 25, 2008

Set Apart - Demo

City: Sweetwater (Miami)
Years Active: 1995 - 1998 (roughly)
Type of Music: Hardcore
Myspace or Website: n/a

In my last write up on Set Apart, I said that I remember the demo being not too great. Well after a more recent listen, I have to say its much better than I remember it being. I was lucky enough to get a copy off of xKerminatorx so thank you buddy for your help. If you missed my other post check it out here

Set Apart - Demo


Jason Calleiro said...

Insane that you found this!! I couldnt even find it! Thanks for this chip. I've told you before what you are doing is amazing. I was also thinking. Let me know if you want to expand this past a blog (making it more searchable, different sections, etc..) I can help.

kat said...

this blog is awesome. Who is behind this? One of my first shows was Ink & Dagger, Shai Hulud and Set Apart: " proven wroooooong!"


Jason Calleiro said...

Kat, Chip is the one running this blog. chip was/is in destro/where fear and weapons meet/until the end/dance floor justice.. im sure i missed a few 40 more he was in.

And that ink and dagger show was actually our last show ever i think. we played without our guitar player cause he wanted to go the movies with his girlfriend.

I dont remember hulud on that show, but could be.

kat said...

Hey what's up, it's me kat ( aka kathy johnson). You're probably right about hulud not playing that memory is fading. But i did see Shai Hulud at the warehouse ( but maybe on a different night). anyhow, are you still singing? have you ever thought about starting another band?
I agree with chip that you were one of the best frontmen of hardcore/poppy punk screamo
random info: did you know one of the guys from Strongarm is now the head pastor of a church in Miami?

Jason Calleiro said...

The warehouse was a kick ass place for shows for a while.. actually the sound was horrible, the place was hot.. but none the less fun as hell

I'm trying to start up something again. only issue being time.

I think a couple of them became pastors. I know bob is one down here in miami. He also played in a metal band down here called Amboogalard for a while. Nothing like Strong Arm

Thanks for the front man compliment.

joshuacallism said...

Set Apart/Chalice Split... Post it!!!


btw, this link for the demo is broken on my end.


The South Florida Scene Past And Present said...

I just tested the link for the for me