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City: Miami
Years Active: 1993 to 2001
Type of Music: Rock to Grunge rock.
Myspace or Website:,

The Band ArzNova was formed in 1993 and was originally named AVALON. The original founders were Ed Roses on Vocals and Emilio Cueto on guitar. The band was formed from this friendship between Ed and Emilio as they attended the same catholic schoo in Miami, Floridal. After several line up changes the main group finally included Lorenzo Diaz on Drums, Fred Pedrahita on Bass and Michael Menendez on Bass and Keyboards. In early 1995 that band hooked up with Fred Freedman of the band Suzzie Cream Cheese and began recording in his studio. However, due to budget issues that band pulled out of that deal and bagan recording their first album at a little underground studio named PAB. The six song album was released in 1996 and was named Go Secure (A reissue will be available August 2008 on CD baby and It was at this time that the band began to play out on the Miami Scene including memorabile profermances at that 1997 Miami Beach Battle of the Bands which was held at the old Cameo theater. The band also played several gigs at the Kitchen club when it was in Cocconut Grove, Roses on the beach and The Chili Pepper. However, the band mainly palyed at the now defunct Cheers club which housed a lot of acts such as The Goods, The Quit and Iko Iko.

ArzNova's music could best be defeined at Grunge or just plain old fashion rock. The music was melodic and one reviewer for the NewTimes stated that the music had "tribal beats mixed with pop guitar rock, in the tradion of the Birds." Later in 1999 the band relased a self published CD named Little Ditties. That band continued to play the Miami Scene but band members began to leave the band to go after other life challanges. In 2001 the band finally broke up. Emilio Cueto currently plays in Los Angles for Juilet Lewis band, Juilet and the Licks (see Juilet and the liks myspace page for tour information). The other band memebers now work in other professions. However, Michael Menenedez continues to write music and has a solo album which is slated for release August of 2008 on CD baby and Also, you can find some of Michael's other published writings on

The most memorable moment In Arz Nova history was the night we played the Churchiles. Music wise it was not so hot of a night. However, it was interesting to note that as the band packed up their equipment and were about to Leave, Bono and the Edge from U2 showed up to watch a soccer match on the big screen (They were in town recording and album at South beach studios). Several Band memembers were able to share a drink at that same bar.

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